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Chapter 1-2
11  cards
Chapter 3
Frequency table relative frequenc...,
Area principle
12  cards
Chapter 4
Histogram relative frequency hist...,
25  cards
Chapter 5
5 number summary,
Upper fence
9  cards
Chapter 6
Standardized value,
13  cards
Chapter 7
Response variable explanatory var...
4  cards
Chapter 8
Linear model,
Predicted value
11  cards
Chapter 9
Influential point
4  cards
Chapter 10
0  cards
Chapter 11
An outcome is random if we know t...,
Random numbers are hard to genera...,
A real world situation by using r...
7  cards
Chapter 12
The entire group of individuals o...,
A representative subset of a popu...,
A study that asks questions of a ...
23  cards
Chapter 13
Observational study,
Retrospective study,
Prospective study
22  cards
Chapter 14
10  cards
Chapter 15
General addition rule,
Conditional probability,
General multiplication rule
5  cards
Chapter 16
Random variable,
Discrete random variable,
Continuous random variable
9  cards
Chapter 17
1 there are two possible outcomes...,
Model appropriate for a random va...,
Model appropriate for a random va...
6  cards
Chapter 18
Sampling distribution model,
Sampling variability sampling error,
Sampling distribution model for a...
5  cards
Chapter 19
Standard error,
Confidence interval,
One proportion z interval
5  cards
Chapter 20
Claim being assessed in a hypothe...,
Claim that we should conclude if ...,
An alternative hypothesis when we...
6  cards
Chapter 21
Alpha level,
Statistically significant,
Significance level
7  cards
Chapter 22
Variance of independent random va...,
Sampling distribution of the diff...,
Two proportion z interval
5  cards
Chapter 23
Degrees of freedom,
Nearly normal condition,
One sample t test for the mean
3  cards
Chapter 24
Two sample t methods,
Two sample t interval for the dif...,
Two sample t test for the differe...
4  cards
Chapter 25
Paired t test,
Independence assumption for paire...
5  cards
Chapter 26
Chi square model,
Chi square statistic
10  cards
Chapter 27
Straight enough condition,
Independence condition,
Does the plot thicken condition
7  cards
Which of these statements is true...,
58  cards
AP Review Questions 121-170
A farmer wishes to study the effe...,
Which of the following statements...,
Which of the following statements...
50  cards
AP Review Questions 61-120
Find the mean and median from the...,
A score at or above the 90th perc...,
A score at or above the 70th perc...
30  cards
AP Review Questions 171-200
Question 171,
Question 172,
Question 173
29  cards
AP Review Questions 262-322
262 suppose x is a geometric rand...,
263 a coin is weighted so that th...,
264 in a binomial experiment with...
62  cards
questions 201-230
201 which of these statements is ...,
202 which of these statements is ...,
203 which of the following is tru...
30  cards
32  cards
AP Questions
0  cards

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