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Agriculture Revision
What is a typical crop roation in...,
Why is a crop roation used,
What is a gross margin
71  cards
What are the requirements for cla...,
What was the cost of the class r ...,
On a plan submitted as part of a ...
53  cards
You mention in your case study ma...,
Are there any cases where valuati...,
What are the requirements of vps1...
23  cards
Mandatory Competancies
What is the rics,
When was the rics founded,
Who is the rics president
35  cards
Landlord and Tenant
How might the terms of a business...,
Difference between a lease and li...,
When granting an fbt do you need ...
49  cards
Property Management
You mention that you are aware of...,
What are the landlords obligation...,
What information do you hold on y...
39  cards
Purchase and Sale
What is the full name of the blue...,
What are the methods of sale,
What is the relevant legislation ...
25  cards
Mixture - Lists
List of items which must be in to...,
What are the typical headings con...,
Are there any cases where valuati...
11  cards
Key Dates Revision
When is a tenancy an ast,
When is a agricultural tenancy an...,
When is a tenancy a rent act tenancy
12  cards
Land use and Diversification
What is the current rate of cgt,
Current vat rate,
Income tax rate
9  cards
Case Study Questions
What was the planning use of the ...,
What are some other planning uses,
Have there been any changes to this
50  cards
Definitions / Misc essentials
What is bribery,
What is the definition of market ...,
What is the definition of fair value
9  cards
Forms etc.
What form would you serve to revi...,
What form would you serve to revi...,
What form must you serve for a s2...
4  cards
Rural Taxation
What are the rates for cgt,
What is the cgt annual allowance,
What is the rate of bpr
29  cards
Grants and Agricultural Subsidies
What are the reductions in bps ov...,
What is de linking,
What is elms
10  cards
What is the timetable for aha end...,
What section of the aha is compen...,
What is a long term improvement w...
8  cards
Statutory Regimes for Rights to and over Land
What would be the typical heads o...,
What would be the typical heads o...,
What is severance
21  cards
CAAV Oral - Quickfire Questions
What is the minimum claim area un...,
Which tribunal deals with dispute...,
What is entrepreneurs relief now ...
48  cards
Livestock / Crops
30  cards
What is a promotion agreement,
What is the advantage of a promot...,
What is an option agreement
5  cards
Re-instatement Cost Valuations
What is the purpose of a reinstat...,
What does reinstatement cost valu...,
How do you measure a building for...
3  cards
Rates, Prices and Measurements
Build cost general purpose farm b...,
How much have build cost grown by,
Price of ammonium nitrogen 345 fert
30  cards
End of Tenancy Compensation
What are the heads of claim for a...,
What is covered under tenant righ...,
What are long term improvements h...
16  cards
Caw Law
Aha succession principal source o...,
Aha succession tests on eligibili...,
Aha succession livelihood extends...
5  cards
Key Legislation
Inheritence tax act,
The rent act,
The gas act
14  cards
Gross Margins/ Cost of Establishment
Gross margin for feed wheat acres,
Gross margin wheat ha
2  cards

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