apc quantity surveying 2020/21

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Define sustainability,
What percentage of the total uk c...,
What percentage of the uks landfi...
79  cards
Procurement and Tendering
What would you include when issui...,
How is a project structured and d...,
What are the pros cons of the tra...
158  cards
Design Economics and Cost Planning
What is an order of cost estimate,
What is an elemental cost plan,
What are the key design principle...
93  cards
Construction Technology
How much does it cost to excavate...,
What is an ashp and how does it work,
What are the different types of a...
81  cards
Project Financial Control and Reporting
What is receivership in administr...,
What is the position on insolvenc...,
Whats cva
153  cards
Business Planning
What is your firms business plan,
What are assets,
What are liabilities
14  cards
Contract Practice
Whats the difference between ca a...,
What is 651 insurance,
What does jct db say about retention
151  cards
Client Care
What is client care,
What is a good project brief,
What is a client brief
27  cards
Communication & Negotiation
Give some examples of effective w...,
What would you include in a cost ...,
How would you deliver a cost repo...
22  cards
Health and Safety
How do you safeguard employees wo...,
What dangers does working at heig...,
Who to wah regulations apply to
97  cards
Conflict Avoidance, Management and Dispute Resolution
What is partnering,
Why would robust tender process r...,
Why would robust contract documen...
20  cards
Data Management
What is gdpr,
What is gdpr for,
What are the 8 rights of individu...
17  cards
Tell me about the different perso...,
Why is it important to tailor how...,
What different roles are there in...
7  cards
Accounting Principles and Procedures
What is the difference between fi...,
What is the sarbanes oxley act,
What is a balance sheet
58  cards
Conduct rules, ethics and professional practice
What rules set out the standards ...,
What does a firm need to do to co...,
Who manages complains at the rics
134  cards
Risk Management
Define risk,
Does risk only refer to threats,
What guidance note does the rics ...
60  cards
What are the differences changed ...,
What sections does the agreement ...,
What is included in the recitals
69  cards
Banana Skins
What is acceleration,
Why might you use acceleration on...,
Can the contractor claim costs fr...
40  cards
Quantification and Costing
Whats the construction cost of a ...,
How would you price prelims,
How would you price oh p
81  cards

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apc quantity surveying 2020/21

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