api 653 chapter 8

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chap 8 asme IX
What does wps stand for,
What does pqr stand for and contains,
What does wpq stand for
9  cards
Tank Settlement (chap 9 / A 6.7)
How are shell elevation measureme...,
When are shells settlement measur...,
The type of settles
20  cards
Brittle Failure Assessment (chap 10 / I- #8)
What is fracture,
Ductile vs brittle,
When does brittle more susceptible
16  cards
Reconstructed tanks (chap11 / I -#10)
What is definition of reconstructed,
For design condition where to loc...,
For hydro test condition where to...
6  cards
Asme V -Radiography (chap 12 / III-B)
0  cards
Asme V UT - (chap 13 / III E)
What is the ut limitations,
What technique is used,
11  cards
Asme V - LP (chap 14 /(III C)
What is purpose of lp,
What kind of discontinuities can ...,
What is cold shut
16  cards
Linings (Chap 15- API RP652)
What is a holiday,
What is anchor pattern,
What is mil
42  cards
Cathodic Protection (chap 15 - API RP 651)
What is an anode,
90  cards
CR and Insp Interval (Chap 1-3 / A-
What is the definition of metal loss,
How to calculate cr,
How to calculated remaining life
24  cards
Joint Efficiencies/ hydro (Chap 4-5 / A-
What is joint efficiencies,
With is e for new tanks and recon...,
What is e for full penetration bu...
13  cards
Replacement / Repair Plates (A14.15)
All proposed design work executio...,
What repair is no hydrotest eithe...,
What repair has to be approved by...
27  cards
Weld Size , and Hot Tapping (Chap 6-7 / A4.5)
What are the requirement of hot t...,
Before u make a hot tap what need...,
When is hot tap not allowed 5
5  cards
PRD (API 576)
Weight loaded pressure vacuum rel...,
Pressure and or vacuum vent valve...,
Pvrv are prone to what
5  cards
API653 Chapter 3
What is a breakover point,
Definition of a candidate tank,
Definition of a control tank
13  cards
API653 Chap 4
When shall roof plates need to be...,
What kind of inspection is needed...,
Api650 appendix m used for
37  cards
APi653 Chapter 5/6
When does tank failure due to bri...,
How to reduce the risk of bf 2,
When is assessment should be made...
27  cards
API 653 Chap 7/8
What test to perform if material ...,
All known material must meet what...,
What happen when the direction of...
14  cards
API 653 Chap 9
All repair work must be authorize...,
Alteration must be approved by,
Can ai approved alteration
39  cards
In ultrasonic thickness measureme...,
In performing ultrasonic thicknes...,
What ultrasonic method can be use...
18  cards
API 650
Api 650 applies only to tanks who...,
Api 650 covers the design materia...,
If a new or unused plate cannot b...
52  cards
API 653 Chap 10 - Tank Reconstruction
Bottom plates to be reused should...,
Tank shell plates may be dismantl...,
Roof plates shall be cut by 2
13  cards
API 653 Chap 11 - Weldin
Welding operator are assigned what,
Welders identification mark shoul...,
Is impact testing need for the pr...
13  cards
API 653 Chap 12 - Examination / Testing
What is annex g,
What kind of nde to perform on ca...,
Type of nde for completed welds
32  cards
API653 Chap 13
0  cards
Essential variables affects,
Supplementary essential variables,
Welding procedure specifications ...
66  cards
Placement of iqi,
How are hole iqi placed,
How are wire iqi placed
84  cards
API653 API571
What is brittle fracture definiti...,
What is mechanical fatigue defini...,
What it atm corrosion definition ...
15  cards
API653 API575
Atmospheric pressure code,
Definition of low pressure storag...,
139  cards
Lockhart day 1 training
What are the 5 major components o...,
What are the 2 major welds,
Foundation is requirement to prev...
72  cards
lockhart day 2 training
What are 2 nde methods that are n...,
Min required thickness of the pro...,
How far must the plate extend pas...
28  cards
API 653 API 577
P number,
F numbers,
F numbers
91  cards
lockhart day 3 training
Single lap welded joint are allowed,
Min size of fillets t 3 16 and t ...,
When is a lap patch not allowed
59  cards
API 653
Hydrostatic test for a reconstruc...,
Partial complete jacking is consi...,
Simplest type of floating roof
94  cards
lockhart day 4 training
Pqr must be,
Wps must be qualified by,
Wps provides what
100  cards
Burn through 2,
Max lap patch thickness,
Another name for planar tilt
50  cards

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