apple device support exam 2023 edition (9l0-3023-enu) (replaced 9l0-3021-enu)

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Sample Questions
Which ipados setting should you s...,
How much free icloud storage do m...,
Which feature prevents unauthoriz...
112  cards
Setting Up and Restoring iPhone or iPad
What do you need to back up your ...,
True or falseicloud automatically...,
What should you do to back up a d...
20  cards
Managing Apps, Privacy, and Security on iPhone or iPad
Where is the setting on iphone an...,
What s the first action you shoul...,
What can you do if restarting app...
20  cards
Managing Network and Sharing on iPhone or iPad
What setting lets your device joi...,
What is an alternative method to ...,
How do you eject the sim tray fro...
10  cards
Setting Up and Restoring Mac
How do you start up a mac with ap...,
What does safe mode prevent from ...,
What is a function of macos recovery
23  cards
Managing Network and Sharing on Mac
How to change the service order w...,
When a mac receives an ip address...,
How to test network connectivity ...
12  cards
Managing Privacy and Security on Mac
Which option in system settings d...,
What should you do after you turn...,
You ve forgotten your login passw...
13  cards
Using Diagnostics on Mac
In activity monitor what grouping...,
What should you do if an app is u...,
What additional information can y...
6  cards
Apple Device Hardware
Which mac computers support the l...,
Which iphone devices support the ...,
Which ipad devices support the la...
5  cards
Introduction to the Apple Ecosystem
Identify what s new in macos ventura,
Identify what s new in ios 16,
Identify what s new in ipados 16
3  cards

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apple device support exam 2023 edition (9l0-3023-enu) (replaced 9l0-3021-enu)

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