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Why are opioids less commonly use...,
Which class of analgesia is not o...,
Why are opioids a good choice as ...
225  cards
Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
Which classes of drugs provide mu...,
Why does ketamine require an adju...,
What is guaiphenesin
94  cards
Anaesthesia for Pre-existing Conditions
What is contained in the intracra...,
What might disrupt the blood brai...,
How much of the total cardiac out...
88  cards
Anaesthesia for Airway, Dental and Ocular Surgery
What are the main concerns with d...,
What are the anaesthetic consider...
105  cards
Ventilators and Ventilation
How is air drawn into the lungs d...,
What type of ventilation occurs v...,
How does the air move into the lu...
52  cards
Blood Gas Analysis
What does blood gas analysis do,
What is an acid,
What is a base
58  cards
Spinal Nursing
What are the main aims of the neu...,
Where are the possible localisati...,
What can we assess hands off in t...
85  cards
Thoracic Surgery and Anaesthesia
What does ipsilateral mean,
What is modified transudate,
What is orthopnea
256  cards
Hepatic Surgery
Where does the liver sit within t...,
How is the liver divided,
What is the liver attached to
55  cards
Perioperative Infection Control
What is a surgical site infection,
In which timeframe can a hai occur,
What are the complications of ssis
25  cards
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Why is it important to know and u...,
What are the stages of healing,
What is classed as the post opera...
45  cards
Orthopaedic Examination
What might we consider in terms o...,
What might we ascertain about the...,
What type of orthopaedic injury t...
69  cards
Wound Management and Reconstruction
What is a class 1 wound,
What is a class 2 wound,
What is a class 3 wound
161  cards
Ortho - Hips, elbows and cruciates
What is hip dysplasia,
Are hips lax from birth,
Which animals are commonly affect...
165  cards
Nursing the CKD cat
Which species is more affected by...,
What type of disease is chronic k...,
What is the pathogenesis of chron...
77  cards
Nursing the Geriatric Cat
What age cats are considered senior,
What age cats are considered geri...,
What conditions commonly affect g...
44  cards
Ortho/Spinal Anaesthesia
What are the main anaesthesia con...,
Which blocks can be useful during...,
What anaesthetic considerations m...
19  cards
Which lung areas can we localised...,
What does dyspnoea mean,
What does tachypnoea mean
124  cards
GA Accidents and Emergencies
What is the cepsaf enquiry,
What is the overall risk of morta...,
What is the overall risk of morta...
90  cards
Acute abdo/GDV
What is an acute abdomen,
Why might a patient develop an ac...,
What respiratory and cardiac chan...
79  cards
What are the 2 classes of dietary...,
What are the 2 classes of non imm...,
What is an example of a non immun...
133  cards
What does cpcr stand for,
What are we aiming to achieve wit...,
What is respiratory arrest
66  cards
What are the basic tumour types s...,
Give some examples of haemopoieti...,
Give some examples of solid tumours
151  cards
ECG Equipment and Monitoring
How is the heart rate controlled,
How is the heart rate accelerated,
What is released by the
235  cards
What are the top 4 signs of eye pain,
What are the main local signs of ...,
What are the systemic signs of ey...
165  cards
What are the 2 broad categories o...,
What are thr m,
Why might elective arthroscopy te...
281  cards
What is a bleeding disorder,
In which species are bleeding dis...,
What are the 2 stages of haemostasis
144  cards
GI Endoscopy
How does transmission work in end...,
What are the overall roles of end...,
How can endoscopy aid diagnostics
73  cards
Heat Stroke
What produces most body heat,
Which structures in the body cont...,
What acts as the thermoregulation...
47  cards
What is the general structure of ...,
Where does the thyroid gland typi...,
Where is the thyroid in relation ...
149  cards
Practical Lab
What is the red blood tube,
Whicg colour is the serum plain tube,
What is a serum tube used for
98  cards

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