x clinical veterinary nursing theory

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Fluid Therapy
What percentage of body weight is...,
What two subdivisions can body wa...,
What percentage of body water is ...
342  cards
Pain Management
Define pain according to the iasp...,
What factors can the experience o...,
Define nociception according to t...
331  cards
Define pharmacokinetics,
What happens when a drug is admin...,
Define pharmacodynamics
220  cards
What is anaesthesia,
What does anaesthesia rely on,
What is general anaesthesia
990  cards
Theatre Practice
Define sepsis,
Define asepsis,
Define antisepsis
358  cards
What percentage of dogs and cats ...,
What percentage of cats and dogs ...,
What does recover stand for
38  cards
Urinary System Dieases and Theraputics
Where are the kidneys located wit...,
Which kidney is higher in the abd...,
Where are kidneys located in rela...
553  cards
Equine Sedation and Anaesthesia
What should be done when preparin...,
Why must a horses passport be che...,
Do horses need to have food withh...
137  cards
Exotic Anaesthesia
How do anaesthetic mortality rate...,
What is the issue with history in...,
What are the key issues associate...
115  cards
Equine Castration
Why are horses castrated,
How may castration aid behaviour ...,
How can castration aid management
69  cards
Urinary Catheter Care
What are some of the potential pr...,
Define polyuria,
Define pollakiuria
60  cards
Anaesthetic Calculations
What are the main rebreathing sys...,
Why do we need a breathing system,
What breathing system has it s re...
23  cards
Diagnostic Imaging - X-Ray
What does the electromagnetic spe...,
Do all waves on the electromagnet...,
In what direction do all waves fr...
426  cards
Wound Management
Why is classification of a wound ...,
How should a wound be classified,
Why is it important to know when ...
127  cards
Diagnostic Imaging - Ultrasound
What type of waves does diagnosti...,
What are the frequencies typicall...,
What level of hz is audible sound
106  cards
Minor Surgical Conditions
What is an abscess,
Where can abscess occur,
What normally happens as an absce...
82  cards
Post Op Care
Define pre operative,
What is involved in the pre opera...,
What is involved in the peri oper...
91  cards
Positioning for Veterianary Radiography
Describe the position of the pati...,
Where should the beam be centred ...,
Describe collimation for imaging ...
80  cards
Advanced Imaging Techniques
What are the 3 main advanced imag...,
Where are most advanced imaging m...,
Where are most advanced imaging m...
73  cards
Infectious Disease
Define infectious disease,
Define zoonosis zoonotic disease,
Give an example of a zoonotic dis...
53  cards
What are the most common signs pr...,
What can pruritus be due to,
What type of disorders are implie...
255  cards
Feline Infectious Disease
When is infectious feline upper r...,
What are the most prevalent cause...,
What are the less common causes o...
465  cards
Equine Imaging
What are the special consideratio...,
What are the risks associated wit...,
Why is the risk of injury higher ...
44  cards
Imported Infections of Dogs and Cats
What is the main cause of a rapid...,
What has had a key influence on a...,
What is the aim of the pets scheme
124  cards
Canine Infectious Disease
What does infection with parvovir...,
What is a major cause of haemorrh...,
How is canine parvovirus cpv2 spread
264  cards
Why should animals be vaccinated,
Who is protected when animals are...,
When is herd immunity achieved
100  cards
Equine Healthcare
Describe some of the signs of a h...,
Describe some of the signs of a w...,
What are some of the signs of an ...
128  cards
Cardiovascular Disease
What is the function of the heart,
What is the normal hr of dogs,
What is the average heart rate of...
234  cards
Diseases of The Respiratory System
What forms the upper respiratory ...,
What makes up the lower respirato...,
Define medical condition
354  cards
Respiratory Surgery
In what animals is boas seen,
How can boas be assessed,
What are the main features of boas
160  cards
Stable Management
What are the main reasons to stab...,
Where have horses evolved to live,
How do horses find shelter
60  cards
Equine Respiratory Diseases
What are the overarching types of...,
Are horses always systemically un...,
What are disorders of the respira...
128  cards
Equine Respiratory Surgery
What system in the horse is often...,
What type of pathology is common ...,
What has evolved to maximise air ...
75  cards
GI Medicine - Swallowing Problems
What are the clinical signs of or...,
What is ptyalism,
What may ptyalism be due to
88  cards
GI Medicine - Vomiting and Diarrhoea
What does acute mean,
In what animals is acute vomiting...,
What may acute vomiting and diarr...
259  cards
Clinical Nutrition
What are the 6 basic classes of n...,
Why may dry food be prefurrable,
What is the most important nutrient
189  cards
GI Medicine - Liver Disease
What is failure of liver detoxifi...,
What does build up of ammonia lea...,
What is caused by hepatic dysfunc...
83  cards
Equine Alimentary Diseases
What is colic,
What are the clinical signs of colic,
When may a horse show signs of co...
227  cards
GI Surgery
What parts of the body are includ...,
What is a otomy,
What is a gastrotomy
225  cards
Equine GI Surgery
What is gi tract surgery in horse...,
What is gi surgery in horses occa...,
What is the aim of a colic work up
148  cards
Seizures and Seizure Planning
What are one of the most common n...,
How many dogs present with seizur...,
In what animals are seizures most...
121  cards
Exotic Practice and Zoonosis
What animals are classed as exoti...,
What animals must be treated by a...,
What animals are most practices h...
70  cards
Assisted Feeding
When will a feeding tube be consi...,
What nursing interventions can be...,
How long should a patient be anor...
52  cards
Neuromuscular Disease
What does neuromuscular disease a...,
What specific area of the periphe...,
What is the effect of neuromuscul...
91  cards
Spinal Injuries and Intracranial Disease
Why is it important for nurses to...,
What is involved in the veterinar...,
How may some spinal injuries present
222  cards
Hospitalisation and Nursing of Rabbits, Rodents and Ferrets
What are the main musculoskeletal...,
What are the main respiratory tra...,
What are the main digestive featu...
196  cards
Hospitalisation and Nursing of Reptiles, Birds, Fish and Invertebrates
What is the name of the organisat...,
What are the 3 s s of wildlife re...,
What is the sure part of the 3 s ...
287  cards
Surgical Nursing of Exotics
Why is the pre op assessment of s...,
What is involved in small mammals...,
Why are pre anaesthetic bloods no...
156  cards
What patients are most at risk of...,
What is one of the main iatrogeni...,
What is respiratory arrest
61  cards
What resource can be useful when ...,
What does vpis do,
Why is a toxbox so useful
253  cards
Blood Transfusion
What changes have the rcvs made t...,
What blood products are available...,
What blood products are available...
133  cards
Neurology Nursing and Physiotherapy
What are the main categories of d...,
What are the main considerations ...,
What considerations may need to b...
164  cards
Fracture Management
What is the nurses role in fractu...,
When prepping the surgical trolly...,
How should the patient be prepped...
294  cards
What is critical care nursing,
What patients often need critical...,
Why is intense and often constant...
337  cards
Equine Orthopedics
What background information shoul...,
Why is duration of ownership of h...,
What should be asked about horses...
172  cards
What is periodontal disease the r...,
How many dogs does periodontal di...,
How many cats does periodontal di...
197  cards
Endocrine Diseases
What is the most common endocrine...,
Where in the world is hyperthyroi...,
Why is feline hyperthyroidism bei...
485  cards
Hip and Stifle Disease
What type of disease is hip displ...,
How does hip displasia develop,
What is the aetiology of hip disp...
172  cards
Equine Endocrinopathies
What water intake would indicate ...,
What does ppid stand for,
In what horses is ppid common
94  cards
Foal Nursing
What is key when nursing foals,
How can foal nursing equipment be...,
What level of nursing is needed f...
250  cards
Where are the medial and lateral ...,
What is the conjunctiva formed of,
What is the iris of the eye forme...
131  cards
Surgical Conditions of The Ear
What are the main conditions affe...,
What causes aural haematoma,
When does aural haematoma arise
84  cards
Equine Reproduction
When do fillies and colts become ...,
What is an embryo,
What is a foetus
125  cards
What is cancer,
What is the spectrum of behaviour...,
What are the 6 features necessary...
299  cards
Equine Urinary Tract
What are the main urinary tract d...,
What history taking is needed whe...,
121  cards
What are the 2 main factors why a...,
What animal factors may cause the...,
What owner factors may cause anim...
26  cards
Clinical Genetics
What is a gene loci,
What are autosomal chromosomes,
What are genes close together on ...
76  cards
When in the oestrus cycle should ...,
At what age is a bit spay normall...,
What is the benefit of performing...
79  cards
Parasite Identification
Identify this parasite,
Identify this parasite,
Identify this parasite
22  cards
Professional Responsibilities of the RVN
What are the 5 professional respo...,
What is the role of the rcvs code...
2  cards

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