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aqa a level biology paper 2

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Topic 5.1 - Photosynthesis
Describe how atp is synthesised,
What enzyme,
Where is the energy stored in atp
64  cards
Topic 5.2 - Respiration
What do both aerobic and anaerobi...,
Where does glycolysis occur,
Is glycolysis are anaerobic or ae...
44  cards
Topic 5.3 - Energy Transfer Through Ecosystems
What is biomass,
What can biomass be thought as,
How is biomass measured in terms ...
40  cards
Topic 5.4 - Nutrient Cycles
Many microorganisms eg bacteria a...,
What do saprobionts do and what d...,
How do digest
51  cards
Topic 6.1 - Survival, Response, and Receptors
Includes response mechanisms in plants
83  cards
Topic 6.2 - Nerve Impulses and Synaptic Transmission
State the function of sensory neu...,
State the function of motor neurones,
State the function of motor neurones
69  cards
Topic 6.3 - Cardiac and Skeletal Muscles
Muscles act as _____ and are stim...,
What is skeletal muscle made up of,
What is sarcolemma
76  cards
Topic 7.1 - Homeostasis and Negative Feedback
What is meant by homeostasis,
Explain what happens to enzymes w...,
Explain what happens when the bod...
17  cards
Topic 7.2 - Hormones and the Control of Blood Glucose Concentration
What organ monitors blood glucose...,
When blood glucose levels are too...,
Name 2 factors that affect glucos...
38  cards
Topic 7.3 - Control of Blood Water Potential
What are the parts of the kidney,
What is the fibrous capsule,
What is the cortex
36  cards
Topic 8.1 - Inheritance
Define gene,
Define phenotype,
Define phenotype
52  cards
Topic 8.2 - Populations
Define gene pool,
Define genetic bottlenecks
16  cards
Topic 8.3 -Evolution may lead to Speciation
What is evolution,
Name 2 methods in which evolution...,
Describe how natural selection oc...
32  cards
Topic 8.4 - Populations in Ecosystems
What is ecology,
What are the two main processes t...,
What is a population
52  cards
Topic 9.1- Gene Expression
What is a mutation,
What is a gene mutation,
What is substitution
79  cards
Topic 9.2 - Recombinant DNA Techniques
What is recombinant dna,
What are transgenic organisms,
What stages does making a protein...
67  cards

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