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Group 2
What is the trend in melting poin...,
Why does melting point decrease a...,
What is the trend in solubility w...
23  cards
What are the two ways to make alc...,
What is the equation for fermenta...,
What are the conditions needed fo...
15  cards
What is a use of halogenoalkanes,
Why did we stop using cfcs,
What does the ozone layer do
12  cards
Group 7
How many valence electrons does g...,
What is the trend in electronegat...,
What is the trend in melting and ...
44  cards
Intro To Organic Chem
What are the two types of isomerism,
State what is meant by structural...,
What are the three types of struc...
15  cards
What does enthalpy change mean,
What is the standard state for pr...,
What is the standard temperature
18  cards
What is the general formula of an...,
Name the first four alkanes,
Describe and explain the process ...
29  cards
Atomic structure
State the meaning of the term iso...,
Describe how ions are formed in a...,
A tof mass spectrometer can be us...
16  cards
Define what is meant by ionic bon...,
Define what is meant by covalent ...,
Define what is meant metallic bon...
22  cards
State what is meant by the term a...,
Explain the collision theory,
What happens to the rate of react...
6  cards
What is the general formula of an...,
Whar kind of isomerism does an al...,
How is an alkene formed
21  cards
What is the equation for mole fra...,
What is the equation for partial ...,
How do you work out total pressure
6  cards
Period 3 Oxides
Why is na more reactive than mg,
How does na react with water,
How does magnesium react with water
20  cards
Optical Isomerism
What does stereoisomer means,
What is a chiral molecule,
What are enantiomers
8  cards
Aldehyde And Ketones
What is a carbonyl group,
What can aldehydes be oxidised to...,
How do we make tollens reagent
12  cards
Why do we use proton and carbon 13,
How can an atom be in the same en...,
What chemical is used in nmr
6  cards
What is the arrhenius equation si...
1  cards
Organic Analysis
Test for aldehyde,
Test for carboxylic acid,
Test for alkenes
10  cards
How does temperature affect kc,
What are the units of kc,
What is le chateliers principe
12  cards
Define enthalpy of formation,
Define enthalpy of atomisation,
Define enthalpy of bond dissociation
30  cards
Outline the structure and bonding...,
Draw the kekule structure,
How is benzene drawn usually
19  cards
Electrochemical Cells
Explain function of a salt bridge 2,
There are two ways to use hydroge...
2  cards
Transition metals
What is meant by a transition metal,
What are the 4 characteristics of...,
What colour complex is vanadium 2...
58  cards
Reactions of aqueous ions
State what is meant by a lewis base,
State what is meant by a lewis acid,
Are metal aqau ions acidic or bas...
28  cards
Acids and bases
0  cards
PAPER 1 worded questions
Suggest what might cause the rela...,
State the m z value of the ions t...,
The mass spectrum of tellurium al...
42  cards

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