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Exam Technique
Explain the layout of an econ par...,
Explain the pcc econ paragraph,
Explain the chains of analysis ec...
8  cards
Difficult cards
What are some reasons that a cons...,
What are non price factors that s...,
What are the non price factors th...
5  cards
4.1.1 = Basics + PPF
What is the definition of economics,
What is the difference between po...,
Define ceteris paribus
24  cards
4.1.2 = BET
What does it mean when an economi...,
What does it mean when an economi...,
What is total utility
11  cards
4.1.3 = S/D + PED,XED etc
What is demand in a market,
Which way does the demand curve s...,
Why is there an inverse relations...
58  cards
4.1.4 Production, costs and revenue
What is production,
What is productivity,
How do you calculate productivity
37  cards
4.1.5 Market Structures
What is a barrier to entry,
What are the 6 barriers to entry,
What are the 3 barriers to exit
76  cards
4.1.6 The Labour Market
Who is labour demanded and suppli...,
Why is labour a derived demand,
What occurs when the demand for l...
58  cards
4.1.7 Income Inequality, Wealth Inequality and Poverty
What is income wealth inequality,
What is poverty,
What are the two types of poverty
22  cards
4.1.8 Market failures, policies and regulations
What is an indirect tax,
Why do governments levy taxes 5,
What is the impact of indirect ta...
137  cards
BET Updated
What are the 2 different schools ...,
What are the causes of irrational...,
3  cards
Real life examples
Example of scarcity,
Example of demand shift left,
Example of demand shift right
60  cards
Quantitative skills
How do,
How do you calculate a change wit...
2  cards
There is a question asking you to...,
Show lrac curve increasing return...,
Show on a diagram a small firm ex...
6  cards

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