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aqa a level geography | human - contemporary urban environments

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Decks in this class (16)

1.1.1 Introduction to urbanisation
Urban growth,
Urban sprawl
28  cards
1.1.2 Causes of urbanisation
What are the main causes of urban...,
Natural increase,
Natural increase
16  cards
1.1.3 Impacts of urbanisation
What are the main impacts of urba...,
Waste disposal in lics v hics,
Case study addis ababa
14  cards
1.1.4 Urban Processes
What are the main urban processes,
Timeline of suburbanisation in th...
22  cards
1.1.5 New Urban Processes
New urban processes,
History of deindustrialisation
24  cards
1.2.1 Urban form
Urban form,
What are the physical factors aff...,
What are the human factors affect...
32  cards
1.2.2 Urban policy
Key urban policies,
Case studies,
Which urban policy was london doc...
27  cards
1.3.1 Urban Issues
Economic inequality,
What issues can economic inequali...
32  cards
1.4.1 Urban microclimates
Why are urban areas warmer than r...,
What are urban heat islands,
Changes in temperature within urb...
29  cards
1.4.2 Urban Air Quality
Why are atmospheric pollution red...,
How many londoners die prematurel...,
London congestion charge
30  cards
1.5.1 Urban drainage
What do suds stand for,
What do suds aim to do,
Types of suds
17  cards
1.6.1 Urban waste
Bulky waste,
Domestic waste,
Industrial waste
32  cards
1.7.1 Sustainable Urban Development
Case study for sustainable urban ...
19  cards
1.8.1 Other contemporary urban environmental issues
How are the impacts of atmospheri...,
How are the impacts of atmospheri...,
Why is water pollution common in ...
20  cards
1.9.1 Mumbai
Population of mumbai,
Number of airports in mumbai,
Number of universities in top 20 ...
14  cards
1.9.2 London
London s multiculturalism,
Is london unequal,
National importance of london
10  cards

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aqa a level geography | human - contemporary urban environments

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