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English Legal System: Parliamentary Law Making
What is parliament,
What is the house of commons,
By using parliamentary acts what ...
22  cards
English Legal System: Influences on Parliament
English Legal system
17  cards
English Legal System: Parliamentary Supremacy
English Legal system
4  cards
English Legal System: Delegated legislation
What is delegated legislation,
What is a parent act,
Define the two types of legislation
23  cards
English Legal System: Statutory Interpretation
What is statutory interpretation,
Why do we need statutory interpre...,
What is the literal rule
23  cards
English Legal System: Judicial Precedent
What does stare decisis mean,
What does judicial precedent refe...,
What does the doctrine of precede...
30  cards
English Legal System: The European Union
What treaty formed the european u...,
When did the uk join the eu,
What is the commission
18  cards
English Legal System: Civil Courts
What is the access to justice rep...,
What is burden of proof,
What is the burden of proof in a ...
30  cards
English Legal System: Tribunals
What are tribunals,
What are the three people tribuna...,
Why were tribunal created
14  cards
English Legal System: Criminal courts
What are summary offences,
What are triable either way offences,
What are indictable offences
30  cards
English Legal System: Sentencing
What does section 142 of the crim...,
What is retribution aim of senten...,
What does the sentencing council do
21  cards
English Legal System: Lay Magistrates
What are lay magistrates,
What are the six key qualities re...,
Lay magistrates must be aged between
10  cards
English Legal System: Juries
What is a jury,
What case firmly establishes that...,
What are the qualifications requi...
16  cards
English Legal System: Legal Personnel
What is a barrister,
What do all student barristers ha...,
What is advocacy
11  cards
English Legal System: Judiciary
What are superior judges judges i...,
Who is the head of the judiciary,
What are inferior judges circuit ...
21  cards
English Legal System: Access to justice and funding
What is civil legal advice cla,
What is civil legal advice cla,
What are examples of private fund...
7  cards
English legal system: Rule of law
What is the rule of law,
What is the rule of law athe idea...,
It safeguards against dictatorshi...
15  cards
Criminal Law: Actus Reus
Why does what is considered crimi...,
What is an example where the chan...,
What is actus reus
17  cards
Criminal Law: Causation
What is substantial cause,
What is good samaritan law,
What is factual cause
11  cards
Criminal Law: Mens Rea
What is mens rea,
What is intention,
What case defines intention
16  cards
Criminal law: Strict liability
What are strict liability offences,
What is an example case that demo...,
What is absolute liability
17  cards
Criminal Law: Non-fatal offences
What act is assault and battery c...,
What is an assault,
What was held in r v constanza 1997
24  cards
Criminal Law: Murder
What is murder,
What i,
What is the actus reas of murder
10  cards
Criminal law: Voluntary Manslaughter
What are the partial defences to ...,
What is a partial defence,
When the partial defence is succe...
17  cards
Criminal Law: Involuntary Manslaughter
What is involuntary manslaughter,
What are the two ways of committi...,
What are the elments of unlawful ...
5  cards
Criminal Law: Theft
What is theft,
What is the actus reus for theft,
What is the mens rea for theft
5  cards
Criminal law: Robbery
What is robbery,
What is the actus rea for robbery,
What is the mens reas for robbery
4  cards
Criminal law: Preliminary Offence - Attempts
What is an attempt,
What is the actus reas of an attempt,
What is the mens reas of an attempt
6  cards
Criminal law: Capacity defences
What is the defence of insanity,
How can insanity be established,
Who decides whether the defendant...
22  cards
Criminal law: Necessity Defences
What is self defence,
What needs to be proven for the d...,
What is the statutory public defence
9  cards
Tort Law: Rule of Tort
What are the two remedies that ma...,
In civil trial courts what will t...,
How can one of the parties appeal...
9  cards
Tort Law: Liability In Negligence
What is the neighbour principle,
What is the criteria for the thre...,
What is damage or harm that is re...
17  cards
Tort Law: Damages
What is the purpose of damages,
What is contributory negligence,
What is quantum
6  cards
Tort: Defences
What are the two exceptions to th...,
What does res ispa loquitur mean,
What is an example case where res...
11  cards
Tort: Occupier's Liability
What did the occupier s liability...,
What did the occupier s liability...,
What example case demonstrates th...
17  cards
Tort Law: Vicarious Liability
What is vicarious liability,
In order for vicarious liability ...,
What was the salmond test
9  cards
Tort Law: Liability for psychiatric injury
What is psychiatric injury,
What are primary victims,
What is a secondary victim
6  cards
Liability for Economic Duress
If a claimant successfully proves...,
Why is there no liability for pur...,
What are the rules on claiming fo...
4  cards
Tort Law: Private Nuisance + Rylands V Fletcher
What is private nuisance,
What are the two main types of pr...,
Describe the parties to own action
10  cards
Nature of Law: Law and Society
What is society,
What is pluralism,
What is assimilation
14  cards
Nature of law: Law and Justice
What is justice,
What is distributive justice,
What is aristotle s view on justice
16  cards
Natural law: Law and Morality
What is legal positivism,
What is a rule,
What is john austin s view on mor...
19  cards
Contract Law: Offer and Acceptance
What is an offer,
What is the offerer,
What is the offeree
14  cards
Contract law: consideration and privity
What is executed consideration,
What is executory consideration,
What is a promisor
16  cards
Contract Law: Consumer Rights
What is repudiation,
What is rescission,
What are express terms
21  cards
Contract Law: Vitigating factors
What are vitigating factors,
What are the elements for misinte...,
What are the 3 types of interpret...
8  cards
Contract Law: Exclusion clauses
What are exclusion clauses,
What are terms and conditions,
How are contracts interpreted
9  cards
Contract Law: Discharge of a contract
What are the 3 ways to discharge ...,
Describe discharge by performance,
What are the 4 ways the performan...
14  cards
Contract Law: Remedies for contract
What are legal remedies,
What are equitable remedies,
What are compensatory damages
11  cards

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