aqa a level physics

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section 1. Particles
Relative mass of a proton,
Relative mass of an electron,
Relative mass of a neutron
307  cards
Section 2 - EM Radiation and Quantum Phenomena
What is the photoelectric effect,
What is the frequency required fo...,
Describe how the photoelectric ef...
103  cards
chapter 3 Waves
What is a wave,
What does a wave transport,
When a wave is present in a mediu...
439  cards
chapter 4 Mechanics
What is a vector,
Examples of vectors,
What is a scalar
336  cards
chapter 5- materials
What is density defined as,
Equation for density,
Method for finding density of a r...
182  cards
section 6 - Electricity
What is electric current,
What is the metal wire made up of,
How do ions move in a metal wire
329  cards
Section 7 - Further Mechanics
What are newtons three laws of mo...,
Symbol for momentum,
Unit for momentum
270  cards
Section 8 - Thermal Physics
What are the main two ways in whi...,
What are the two types of energy ...,
What is internal energy
265  cards
Section 9 - Gravitational and Electric Fields
What is a force field,
What do force fields cause,
What is a gravitational field
400  cards
Section 10 - Capacitors
What is a capacitor,
What is a dielectric,
What is the name of the most comm...
93  cards
Section 11 - Magnetic Fields
What is a magnetic field,
How can magnetic fields be repres...,
What is another name for magnetic...
180  cards
Section 12- Nuclear Physics
What did the alpha particle scatt...,
What was the set up for the alpha...,
What was the screen in the scatte...
448  cards
practical and investigative skills
What are physical quantities,
What are some examples of quantit...,
How many base units are there
23  cards
chapter 13 astrophysics
What does a converging lense look...,
What s a real image,
Whats a virtual image
13  cards

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