aqa a level sociology

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JKR: Changing Family Patterns✔️
How have families and household p...,
Why may people not be having kids,
In 1938 only divorces were granted
7  cards
Beliefs In Society
What do functionalists like durkh...,
What do functionalists such as ma...,
What do functionalists such as pa...
49  cards
Methodology - Influence Of Science
When did sociology emerge and wha...,
What is methodology,
Sociologists were influenced by
60  cards
What is femenism,
Give a shocking statistic which c...,
What do femenists in general thin...
13  cards
The Personal Life Perspective On The Family✔️
What do they argue,
What else do they say about what ...,
How can we understand the family ...
6  cards
New Right & Postmodernist & ITheory On The Family✔️
How do postmodernist theories on ...,
How could you critique the postmo...,
Why are the new right critical on...
4  cards
Research Methods
Give 4 practical issues that woul...,
Practical issues time and money,
Practical issues funding body
102  cards
JKR: The Ageing Population
What is happening to the average ...,
What do age pyramids do,
What does hirsch say about the ag...
21  cards
Couples And Gender Roles✔️
What do functionalists think abou...,
What do functionalists like willm...,
How do feminists react to the fun...
57  cards
JKR Migration
What is migration,
What is immigration,
What is emigration
40  cards
JKR: Childhood As A Social Construct
How do sociologists see childhood,
What people mean by childhood and...,
How are children seen by society
31  cards
Give 3 purposes of education,
Explain the consensus approach to...,
Who would have a consensus approa...
107  cards
JKR: Demography ✔️
What is demography,
How has the uk population changed...,
Since the 1980 s what has been th...
41  cards
JKR: Parents & Children Changes✔️
What are the main changes in chil...,
What is the main reason for the i...,
What is the pattern in lone paren...
10  cards
Families and Social Policy
What is a social policy who is it...,
What are the 2 types of social po...,
Give 2 examples of social policie...
63  cards
How is society composed,
Functionalist theory explains how,
The man behind functionalism
22  cards
Nature Vs Nurture✔️
People disagree about whether hum...,
Although humans possess the same ...,
Although all people have a sex drive
19  cards
Theories & Perspectives
What is determinism,
What is free will,
What is the main question
7  cards
Who came up with this theory,
What does karl marx s work represent,
Why is capitalism
29  cards
JKRChanging Family Patterns ✔️
How have family households change...,
Why are people not getting married 3,
Why may people not want children
53  cards
JKR: Partnerships✔️
Cohabitation involves,
Why has cohabitation increased,
What do the new right think about...
19  cards

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