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Decks in this class (109) Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
Are animal and plant cells eukary...,
Prokaryotic cells,
What type of organism are bacteri...
18  cards Animal and Plant Cells
What organelle are found in anima...,
What organelle are found in plant...,
What is the cell wall of plant an...
16  cards
Required Practical Activity 1 - Use a light microscope to observe, draw and label biological specimens
Stage clips,
13  cards Cell Specialisation
Function of sperm cell,
Adaptation of sperm cells,
Functions of nerve cells neurons
18  cards Cell Differentiation
What happens to cells after ferti...,
When do most types of animal cell...,
When do most types of plant cell ...
10  cards Microscopy
Calculating cell magnification fr...,
Disadvantages of an electron micr...,
Advantages of an electron microscope
16  cards Culturing Microorganisms (biology only)
What are uncontaminated cultures ...,
How and when do bacteria multiply,
What are the two ways to grow mic...
11  cards
Required Practical Activity 2
Method to investigate the effect ...,
Apparatus used to investigate the...,
How are microorganisms studied by...
21  cards Chromosomes
What does the nucleus of a cell c...,
What does each chromosome contain,
In body cells how are chromosomes...
7  cards Mitosis and the Cell Cycle
How do cells divide,
What happens during the cell cycle,
What needs to happen before a cel...
28  cards Stem Cells
Stem cell,
Unspecialised cells,
Specialised cells
25  cards Diffusion
What direction does diffusion occ...,
Substances may move into and out ...
31  cards Osmosis
When is a solution dilute,
When is a solution concentrated
24  cards
Required Practical Activity 3 - Investigate the effect of a range of concentrations of salt or sugar solutions on the mass of plant tissue
Apparatus needed,
Method for investigating the effe...,
Conclusion for investigating the ...
5  cards Active Transport
Active transport,
Why is active transport needed,
Cell adaptations for active trans...
23  cards
4.2 Organisation
What does the human digestive sys...,
What does the respiratory system ...,
What do organ systems do in general
5  cards
4.2.1 Principles of Organisation
5  cards The Human Digestive System
What does the human digestive sys...,
What is the digestive system an e...,
What is the function of the mouth
80  cards
Required Practical Activity 4 - Use qualitative reagents to test for a range of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins
Method starch,
Method glucose
9  cards
Required Practical Activity 5 - Effect of pH on Enzymes
Describe the rate of reaction and...
4  cards The Heart and Blood Vessels
What is the heart,
Where does the right ventricle pu...,
Where does the left ventricle pum...
65  cards Blood
What is blood,
What are the functions of blood,
What 4 main components is blood m...
35  cards Coronary Heart Disease: a noncommunicable disease
What happens in coronary heart di...,
What does cholesterol do,
Consequences of coronary heart di...
34  cards Health Issues
Non communicable disease ncd,
Communicable disease cd
23  cards The Effect of Lifestyle on some Non-Communicable Diseases
What types of country s are mostl...,
What are the 4 main types of ncd s,
Examples of cd s
29  cards Cancer
Lifestyle risk factors for cancer,
Genetic risk factors for cancer
50  cards Plant Tissues
Organisation in plants,
Function of plant organs flower,
Function of plant organs stem
22  cards Plant Organ System
What is a plant organ system made...,
The purpose of water in plants,
Function of root hair cells
57  cards Communicable (infectious) diseases
How can pathogens infect plants o...,
How are communicable diseases tra...
37  cards Viral Diseases
What type of pathogen is measles ...,
How is measles transmitted,
What are the symptoms of measles
20  cards Bacterial Diseases
What type of pathogen is salmonel...,
What is salmonella one of the key...,
How is salmonella transmitted
12  cards Fungal Diseases
What sort of pathogen is rose bla...,
Why does rose black spot make res...,
What are the symptoms of rose bla...
6  cards Protist Diseases
What type of pathogen causes malaria,
How is malaria transmitted,
What are the symptoms of malaria
5  cards Human Defence System
What are humans first line of def...,
How do bacteria and viruses cause...,
Human non specific defence system...
26  cards Vaccination
How do vaccines prevent illness i...,
How can vaccines prevent the spre...,
Advantages of vaccination
4  cards Antibiotics and Painkillers
How can antibiotics be taken,
Why is receiving the correct anti...
14  cards Discovery and Development of Drugs
How were drugs initially discover...,
How can plants be used to treat s...,
Drugs that were initially extract...
37  cards Producing Monoclonal Antibodies
Monoclonal antibodies,
How are monoclonal antibodies pro...,
How do scientists produce monoclo...
6  cards Uses of Monoclonal Antibodies
What are the uses of monoclonal a...,
What do pregnancy tests detect,
What are the different sections o...
14  cards Detection and Identification of Plant Diseases
Mineral deficiency,
How can mineral deficiencies be s...,
What are the different mineral de...
11  cards Plant Defence Responses
What are physical defence respons...,
What are the physical defence res...,
What are chemical defence respons...
5  cards Photosynthetic Reaction
Equation for representing photosy...,
How are leaves adapted to maximis...,
Describe what takes place during ...
5  cards Rate of Photosynthesis
What are the limiting factors of ...,
Limiting factors of photosynthesi...,
Limiting factors of photosynthesi...
30  cards
Required Practical 6: Investigate the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis using an aquatic organism such as pondweed
Method to investigate the effect ...,
What are the 2 main problems when...,
How can you solve the problems in...
4  cards Uses of Glucose from Photosynthesis
Uses of glucose from photosynthesis,
Uses of glucose from photosynthes...,
Uses of glucose from photosynthes...
20  cards
Investigating the Effect of Increasing the Enzyme Catallase:
Method for investigating if you i...,
Conclusion for
2  cards Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration
Where does energy come from,
Cell respiration,
How can respiration take place in...
33  cards Response to Exercise
What happens to the body during e...,
During an aerobics class what wou...,
How can you prove you re doing ae...
8  cards Metabolism
What is the energy transferred in...,
What is important in the synthesi...
11  cards
4.5.1 Homeostasis
What does homeostasis control in ...,
Why does our body carry out homeo...
5  cards Structure and Function
3 components of the nervous system,
What may automatic control system...,
Function of the nervous system
35  cards
Required practical activity 7: Plan and carry out an investigation into the effect of a factor on human reaction time
Reaction time,
What is caffeine,
Method for measuring the effect o...
5  cards The Brain (biology only)
What does the brain control and w...,
Diagram of the brain,
How have neuroscientists been abl...
20  cards The Eye (biology only)
Diagram of the eye,
Function of the retina
32  cards Control of Body Temperature (biology only)
What is normal human body tempera...,
How is your body temperature moni...,
What happens when your body tempe...
4  cards Human Endocrine System
Differences between nervous syste...,
What does the endocrine system co...,
How are hormones transported in t...
10  cards Control of Blood Glucose Concentration
What is blood glucose concentrati...,
What happens if blood glucose con...,
What happens if blood glucose con...
28  cards Maintaining Water and Nitrogen Balance in the Body (biology only)
How should the body keep the leve...,
What is the effect on cells of os...,
What happens to body cells if the...
36  cards Hormones in Human Reproduction
What takes place during puberty,
What main hormone is produce in t...,
What happens to eggs in females a...
13  cards Contraception
Types of contraception,
How can fertility be controlled,
Hormonal contraception methods
39  cards The Use of Hormones to Treat Infertility (HT only)
Use of hormones in modern reprodu...,
What does ivf treatment involve,
Which hormones are involved in iv...
8  cards Negative Feedback (HT only)
What are hormones,
Examples of negative feedback cycles,
Where are the adrenal glands located
9  cards Control and Coordination
Why do plants produce hormones,
What do unequal distributions of ...,
19  cards
Required Practical 8: The effect of light or gravity on the growth of newly germinated seedlings
Apparatus use to investigate the ...,
Method to investigate the effect ...,
Independent variable when investi...
12  cards Use of Plant Hormones (HT only)
What are plant growth hormones us...,
What are auxins used for,
How are auxins used as weedkillers
10  cards Sexual and Asexual Reproduction
What is the difference between mi...,
What does sexual reproduction inv...,
How does sexual reproduction take...
6  cards Meiosis
What does meiosis do to the numbe...,
How do cells in reproductive orga...,
How many chromosomes do gametes c...
7  cards Advantages and Disadvantages of Sexual and Asexual Reproduction (biology only)
Advantages of sexual reproduction,
Disadvantages of sexual reproduction,
Advantages of asexual reproduction
16  cards DNA and the Genome
What is genetic material in the n...,
What is the structure of dna,
6  cards DNA Structure (biology only)
Dna structure diagram,
What does each nucleotide consist of
27  cards Genetic Inheritance
19  cards Inherited Disorders
How do people get certain disorders,
What is polydactyly caused by
11  cards Sex Determination
Sex chromosomes,
How many chromosomes do ordinary ...,
How many pairs of chromosomes con...
6  cards Variation
What does the genome influence in...,
Processes that lead to genetic va...
7  cards Evolution
What does the theory of evolution...,
How does evolution occur
4  cards Selective Breeding
Selective breeding artificial sel...,
How does selective breeding take ...,
What characteristics are animals ...
4  cards Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering,
Why have plant crops been genetic...,
Why have bacteria been geneticall...
9  cards Cloning (biology only)
Tissue culture,
How is tissue culture carried out
10  cards Theory of Evolution (biology only)
What did charles darwin propose a...,
When and where did charles darwin...,
What was charles darwin s theory ...
6  cards Speciation (biology only)
What did alfred russel wallace pr...,
How did alfred russel wallace work
7  cards The Understanding of Genetics (biology only)
What experiments did gregor mende...,
What is an example of an experime...,
Why was the importance of mendel ...
6  cards Evidence for Evolution
What is now widely accepted,
Evidence for the theory of evolution
2  cards Fossils
What are the conditions for fossi...,
How are fossils formed
7  cards Extinction
Factors which may contribute to t...
2  cards Resistant Bacteria
Why can bacteria evolve rapidly,
What do mutations of bacterial pa...,
How does antibiotic resistance in...
8  cards
4.6.4 Classification
What have traditionally living th...,
How did linnaeus classify living ...
9  cards Communities
What are the different levels of ...,
What do organisms require to surv...
13  cards Abiotic Factors
Abiotic factors which can affect ...,
How is light intensity a factor w...,
How is temperature a factor which...
8  cards Biotic Factors
Biotic factors that can affect a ...,
How is food availability a factor...,
How are new pathogens a factor wh...
4  cards Adaptations
What do organisms have in order t...,
Examples of structural adaptations,
Examples of behavioural adaptations
8  cards Levels of Organisation
What are photosynthetic organisms,
What do food chains represent,
What is a food chain
4  cards
Required Practical Activity 9 - Measure the population size of a common species in a habitat. Use sampling techniques to investigate the effect of a factor on the distribution of this species
What is used to work out the dist...,
Method for random sampling,
5  cards How materials are cycled
How are different materials cycled,
What is vital for life on earth,
What happens to all materials in ...
6  cards Decomposition (biology only)
What factors affect the rate of d...,
How does temperature affect the r...,
How does water affect the rate of...
7  cards
Required Practical 10 - Investigate the effects of temperature on the rate of decay of fresh milk by measuring pH change.
Method to investigate the effects...,
What is decay necessary for
6  cards Impact of Environmental Change (biology only) (HT only)
What does environmental change af...,
What are some environmental chang...,
How can temperature affect the di...
6  cards Biodiversity
What does a high great biodiversi...,
What does the future of the human...
5  cards Waste Management
What has led to an increase in re...,
What can pollution occur from,
What does pollution do
4  cards Land Use
How do humans reduce the amount o...,
What does the destruction of peat...,
What is peat and where do it accu...
7  cards Deforestation
Why has large scale deforestation...,
Problems caused by deforestation
3  cards Global Warming
Global warming,
Biological consequences of global...,
What is contributing to global wa...
3  cards Maintaining Biodiversity
Positives of human interactions i...,
Negatives of human interactions i...,
What have scientists and concerne...
4  cards Trophic Levels
Trophic levels,
How can trophic levels be represe...,
What is level 1 of a food chain
7  cards Pyramids of Biomass
What can pyramids of biomass show
1  cards Transfer of Biomass
How does the amount of biomass at...,
How much energy do producers tran...,
What of biomass is transferred fr...
6  cards Factors Affecting Food Security
Food security,
Biological factors which are thre...,
What must be found to feed all pe...
3  cards Farming Techniques
What do farmers aim to do,
How can the efficiency of food pr...,
What are some animals fed to incr...
4  cards Sustainable Fisheries
What is happening to fish stocks ...,
What is it important to do to fis...,
What plays important roles in con...
3  cards Role of Biotechnology
What can biotechnology be used for,
What do modern biotechnology tech...,
What is the fungus fusarium suita...
8  cards

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