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B1.2/3/4/5 - Specialised Cells/ eukaryote,prokaryotes.
Cell membrane
27  cards
B1.10 - Exchanging Materials
If the surface area volume ratio ...,
Small objects have what kind of sa v,
Larger organisms have what kind o...
16  cards
B1.9 - Active Transport
Active transport,
Why is active transport useful,
What does active transport allow ...
6  cards
B1.7/B1.8 - Osmosis in animals/plants
Dilute solution,
Concentrated solution
17  cards
B1.6 - Diffusion
11  cards
B1.1 - Microscopes And Order Of Magnitude
Order of magnitude,
Work out order of magnitude,
Same order of magnitude is when
17  cards
B2.1 - Cell Division
Inherited chromosomes,
How many human chromosomes are th...
22  cards
B2.2 - Growth and Differentiation
In the development of animals wha...,
Mitosis in animal cells,
Cells that cannot divide are
11  cards
B2.3/B2.4 - Stem Cells and dilemmas
Embryonic stem cells
14  cards
B3.1/B3.2/B3.3 - Digestion
40  cards
B3.4/B3.5 - Enzymes
Enzyme definition,
Lock and key theory
15  cards
B4.1/B4.2 - Blood and Blood vessels
Plasma includes,
Plasma definition,
How urea is transported around th...
24  cards
B4.3/B4.4/B4.5 - Heart and Lungs
Vena cava,
Pulmonary vein
26  cards
B4.6/B4.7/B4.8 - Plant's organs and organ systems
Epidermal tissue,
Palisade mesophyll,
Spongy mesophyll
19  cards
B5.1/B5.2 - Communicable diseases
Communicable disease,
Eg of communicable diseases
17  cards
B5.5 - Preventing disease
Ignaz semmelweis,
Louis pasteur,
Joseph lister
8  cards
B5.6/B5.7/B5.8/B5.10 - Types of diseases
Cure for bacterial diseases,
Cure for viral diseases,
46  cards
B5.9/B5.11 - Defence responses in animals and plants
Skin defences,
Nose hairs and mucus,
Mucus of trachea and bronchi
20  cards
B5.3/B5.4 - Growing Bacteria
Culture medium,
Micro organisms need,
Agar gel
13  cards
B6.1/B6.2/B6.3 - Vaccinations and medicines of the past
Memory cells,
Herd immunity
16  cards
B6.4 - Developing new drugs
Drugs are tested for,
Preclinical testing,
Clinical trials
9  cards
B6.5/B6.6 - Monoclonal antibodies
Monoclonal antibodies
14  cards
Required Practicals
B1 microscopes,
B1 osmosis basis of experiment,
B1 osmosis results
20  cards
B7.1/7.2 - Non communicable diseases + cancer
Risk factors for disease,
Ionising radiation
19  cards
B7.3/B7.4/B7.5 - smoking + alcohol on cancer
Carbon monoxide,
Carbon monoxide in pregnancy
18  cards
B8 - Photosynthesis
Endothermic reaction,
By product of photosynthesis
42  cards
B9 - Respiration
Aerobic respiration,
Respiration type of reaction,
22  cards
B10 - The Human Nervous System
Conditions controlled internally,
Automatic control system
37  cards
B10.5 - The Eye
Purpose of
34  cards
B11 - Endocrine system
Endocrine system,
How do hormones reach target organ,
39  cards
B11.5 - Human reproduction + Menstrual cycle
Which gland makes oestrogen,
Puberty changes in women
40  cards
B11.9 - Plant hormones
21  cards
B12 - Homeostasis + Endocrine system
Core body temp,
Factors affecting body temp
30  cards
B12 - Kidneys
Kidney function,
Kidneys if body is short on water,
Kidneys if there is lots of water
31  cards
B13 - Reproduction
Asexual reproduction,
Eg of organisms that asexually re...,
Sexual reproduction
31  cards
B13 - Genomes/proteinsynthesis
Chromosomes made up of and structure,
24  cards
B13 - Gene expression
Gene expression,
Non coding parts of dna,
Each gene controls
43  cards
B14 - Variation
Variation due to,
Natural selection
45  cards
B15 - Genetics and Evolution theories
Mendel and homohybrid inheritance,
Mendel experiment observation,
After mendels death
21  cards
B15 - Evidence for evolution
Fossil formation absence of decay,
Fossil formation minerals
23  cards
B15 - Classification
Why classify organsims,
Classification began
19  cards
B16 - Adaptations + communities
Plants compete for
52  cards
B17 - Organising an ecosystem
Photosynthetic organisms,
Food chain,
Primary consumers
21  cards
B18 - Biodiversity
High biodiversity,
How does high biodiversity affect...
41  cards
B18 - Trophic levels
Trophic levels,
Trophic level 1,
37  cards

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