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Decks in this class (45) Natural Hazards
What do natural hazards pose,
Natural hazard,
Hazard risk
15  cards Tectonic Hazards
What are earthquakes and volcanic...,
What is the internal structure of...,
Plate boundary margin
71  cards Tectonic Hazards: Effects and Responses to Tectonic Hazards (Earthquakes) - Nepal and Chile Case Study
Secondary effects of earthquakes,
Primary effects of earthquakes,
Immediate short term responses
61  cards Tectonic Hazards: Living with the Risks of Tectonic Hazards
How many people live in seismical...,
How many people live near one of ...,
Why do some people live in hazard...
27  cards Weather Hazards - Global Atmospheric Circulation
What does global atmospheric circ...,
How does the curvature of the ear...,
What can the amount of insolation...
28  cards Weather hazards - Tropical Storms
What is the difference between ty...,
What is the global distribution o...,
Where do tropical storms form
40  cards Weather Hazards - Tropical Storm Case Study: Typhoon Haiyan
What category was typhoon haiyan,
When did typhoon haiyan occur,
Where and when was there the firs...
58  cards Weather Hazards - Weather Hazards in the UK
Weather hazard,
Extreme weather event,
What weather hazards does the uk ...
22  cards Weather Hazards - Extreme Weather Events in the UK: Somerset Levels 2014 Flood Case Study
What and where are somerset levels,
What rivers are somerset levels d...,
What makes somerset levels prone ...
26  cards Climate Change
What is climate change the result of,
How old is the earth believed to be,
What is the quaternary period
84  cards Ecosystems
What interacts closely to produce...,
43  cards Ecosystems - Epping Forest Case Study
What is the location of epping fo...,
Describe the trees in epping fore...,
Describe the layers of plants in ...
13  cards Ecosystems - Changing Ecosystems: UK Beaver Re-introduction Case Study
Where are beavers being re introd...,
Why were beavers hunted to extinc...,
What are the benefits of re intro...
7  cards Tropical Rainforests
What is the temperature like in t...,
What is the rainfall in tropical ...,
How many mm of rainfall are there...
54  cards Tropical Rainforests - Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest Case Study
What is the location of the amazo...,
How is biodiversity in the amazon...,
What of the world did the amazon ...
17  cards Tropical Rainforests - Tropical Rainforest in Malaysia Case Study
Where is malaysia found,
What is malaysia made up of,
Where is sarawak
104  cards Cold Environments - Polar and Tundra
How does the intensity of sunligh...,
How does high pressure in polar r...,
What temps do polar regions in th...
28  cards Cold Environment - Svalbard Case Study
Where is svalbard located,
What is svalbard made up of,
What climate does svalbard experi...
27  cards Cold Environment - Alaska Case Study
What is the highest point on the ...,
How many barrels of oil did the t...,
How much did the trans alaskan co...
51  cards UK Physical Landscapes in the UK
What is relief used to describe,
What is the relief of an area mai...,
What do tough resistant rocks form
6  cards Coastal Landscapes in the UK
How are waves formed,
Example of a tsunami,
143  cards Coastal Landscapes in the UK - Coastal Landforms at Swanage Case Study
Where and what is swanage,
What is the coast around swanage ...,
How are rocks important in the fo...
6  cards Coastal Landscapes in the UK - Coastal Management Strategies
Hard engineering,
Coastal management hard engineeri...,
Diagram of sea walls
33  cards Coastal Landscapes in the UK - Medmerry Case Study - Coastal Management Strategies (Managed Retreat)
Managed retreat,
How is managed retreat a natural ...,
How is managed retreat a sustaina...
18  cards Coastal Landscapes in the UK - Keyhaven Salt Marsh, Southampshire Case Study
What is a salt marsh,
How do salt marshes form,
Diagram showing formation of a sa...
9  cards Coastal Landscapes in the UK - Lyme Regis Coastal Management Strategies Case Study
Where is lyme regis located,
Why is coastal management needed ...,
How has the coastal management pl...
12  cards Glacial Landscapes in the UK
What was the glacial environment ...,
What was a powerful force in the ...,
In the last glacial period where ...
80  cards Glacial Landscapes in the UK - Lake District Cast Study
Location of lake district,
When did the lake district become...,
What created the lake district s ...
40  cards Glacial Landscapes in the UK - Cadair Idris Case Study
What signifies a corrie on an os map,
What signifies an arrete on a map
2  cards
3.2.1 Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges - Megacities
World city,
How many megacities were there in...
23  cards
3.2.1 Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges - Mumbai Case Study
Where is mumbai located,
How many km of coastline does mum...,
What is the first major city that...
193  cards
3.2.1 Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges - Urbanisation
37  cards
3.2.1 Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges - Bristol Case Study
Bristol is the _____ city in the ...,
When and why did bristol develop,
Where is bristol located in england
336  cards
3.2.1 Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges -The Distribution UK Cities
What was the uk s population in 2022,
How has the uk s population chang...,
How is the uk s population distri...
33  cards
3.2.1 Section A: Urban Issues and Challenges - Freiburg Case Study on Sustainability
What goal did freiburg set up for...,
What does social planning involve,
How do people in freiburg get inv...
68  cards
3.2.2 Section B: The Changing Economic World - Development
What is development,
Different factors that affect a c...,
Development gap
205  cards
3.2.2 Section B: The Changing Economic World - Jamaica Tourism Reducing the Development Gap Case Study
Location of jamaica,
What has jamaica s economy suffer...,
How big is jamaica
27  cards
3.2.2 Section B: The Changing Economic World - Nigeria NEE Case Study
Where is nigeria located,
What is the climate of nigeria li...,
What are the environmental charac...
227  cards
3.2.2 Section B: The Changing Economic World - The Changing UK Economy
Primary sector,
Secondary sector,
Tertiary sector
245  cards
3.3.2 Section B: Fieldwork
Stages of geographical enquiry,
Primary data
54  cards
3.3.2 Section B: Physical Fieldwork
Hypotheses for physical fieldwork...,
Why is newton beach a suitable lo...,
Risks when collecting data for ph...
42  cards
3.3.2 Section B: Human Fieldwork
Hypotheses for human fieldwork en...,
When was the cardiff bay regenera...
75  cards
Bristol Case Study (condensed)
Where is bristol located,
What cities is bristol close to,
What is the economic importance o...
98  cards Water: Lesotho Highland Water Project - Large Scale Water Transfer Scheme Case Study
Where is lesotho located,
How many resources does lesotho h...,
What are most farmers for in lesotho
30  cards Water: The Wakal River Basin - Local Scheme in LIC/NEE to Increase Sustainable Supplies of Water Case Study
Where is rajasthan located,
What is rajasthan largely covered by,
What can summer temperatures reac...
17  cards

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