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aqa physics - triple science­č¬ÉÔÜŤ´ŞĆ­čžá

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Topic 1 - Conservation and Dissipation of Energy
What is the name given to energy ...,
What is kinetic energy,
What is gravitational potential e...
25  cards
Topic 2 - Energy transferred by heating
Another name for how fast an obje...,
The energy transferred per second...,
What type of radiation do we abso...
20  cards
Topic 3 - Energy Resources.
Where does most of our energy com...,
How do oil or coal powered power ...,
Where is methane gas used in biof...
26  cards
Topic 4 - Electric Circuits.
What makes up the nucleus of an atom,
What charge does a proton have,
What charge does an electron have
58  cards
Topic 5 - Mains Electricity
What is direct current,
What is alternating current,
What is the short name for direct...
22  cards
Topic 6 - Molecules and Matter
What equation links density mass ...,
If a box has a mass of 56kg and a...,
What is boiling point
33  cards
Topic 7 - Radioactivity
What did ernest rutherford learn ...,
What did democritus believe about...,
Jj thompson discovered the electr...
55  cards
What is the equation linking powe...,
What is the equation linking powe...,
What is the equation for kinetic ...
13  cards
Topic 8 - Forces in Balance
What is displacement,
What are vectors,
What are three examples of vectors
41  cards
Topic 9 - Motion
What is acceleration,
What is acceleration measured in,
What is displacement
28  cards
Topic 10 - Forces and Motion
What is braking distance,
What is the law of conservation o...,
What does it mean if a graph is d...
48  cards
Topic 11 - Force and Pressure
What is upthrust,
What is a pascal,
How does liquid pressure change t...
23  cards
Topic 12 - Wave Properties
What is wave amplitude,
What is a compression,
What is an echo
69  cards
What is the equation for work done,
What is the equation for gravitat...,
What is the equation for kinetic ...
30  cards
Topic 13 - Electromagnetic waves
What are carrier waves,
What are charge coupled devices,
What is a contrast medium
71  cards
Topic 14 - Light
What is the angle of incidence,
What is the angle of reflection,
What is a concave lens
44  cards
Topic 15 - Electromagnetism
What is an alternator,
What is a dynamo,
What is an electromagnet
57  cards
Topic 16 - Space
What is the big bang theory,
What is a black dwarf star,
What is a black hole
69  cards
Newton's Laws
What is newton s first law,
What is newton s second law,
What is newton s third law
3  cards
Required Practicals - Specific Heat Capacity
What materials are needed for the...,
What is the method for the specif...,
In the specific heat capacity pra...
17  cards
Required Practicals - Thermal Insulation
What is the apparatus list for th...,
What is the method for the therma...,
What is the apparatus for measuri...
13  cards
Required Practicals - Resistance
What is the investigation of the ...,
What is the apparatus of the resi...,
What is the equation for resistance
14  cards
Required Practicals - Current / PD
What is the investigation of the ...,
What is the circuit for investiga...,
How do we investigate i v charact...
17  cards
Required Practicals - Density
What is the objective of the dens...,
What is the formula for density,
What are regular objects
6  cards
Required Practicals - Stretching a Spring
What is the goal of the spring st...,
What is the equipment for the str...,
Why must the metre rule be vertical
18  cards
Required Practicals - Acceleration
What equipment do we use,
What are we investigating in the ...,
What will the weight of the mass do
13  cards
Required Practicals - Ripple Tank
What is the goal of the ripple ta...,
What is a ripple tank,
What is the vibrating bar connect...
12  cards
Required Practicals - Waves in a solid
What is the goal of the waves in ...,
What is the apparatus,
What does the signal generator al...
13  cards
Required Practicals - Reflection and Refraction
What is the goal of the practical,
What do we use to investigate ref...,
Why is it important to switch ray...
15  cards
Required Practicals - Infrared
What do hot surfaces emit,
Can the human eye see infrared ra...,
What are we investigating in the ...
19  cards

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