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Arabic Awzan 1-7
الوزن الأول,
الوزن الثالث,
الوزن الرابع
6  cards
Arabic Awzan 5-7
الوزن الخامس,
الوزن السادس,
الوزن السابع
3  cards
Arabic Awzan 1-4
الوزن الأول,
الوزن الثالث,
الوزن الرابع
4  cards
Arabic 1 COPY
الوزن الأول,
الوزن الثالث,
الوزن الرابع
9  cards
Arabic Awzan 8-10
الوزن الثامن,
الوزن التاسع,
الوزن العاشر
3  cards
Arabic Irregular Verbs 1
اِستَطاعَ  ماضي,
اِستَطاعَ مضارع,
عادَ إلى  
18  cards
Al Kitaab Book 2 Chapter 4 Vocab
Note - this does not contain every single piece of vocabulary, only those relevant to me.
22  cards
Al Kitaab 2 Chapter 4 Irregular Verbs 1
داعَ الماضي,
دَعا المضارع,
وَضَعَ الماضي
4  cards
AK 2 Chapter 4 Vocab 2
To bring,
A difference
15  cards
Al Kitaab 2 Chapter 4 Months
12  cards
Al Kitaab 2 Chapter 4 Special Nouns - Case Endings
How many nouns show case endings ...,
When do these nouns show case end...,
4  cards
AK2 Chapter 5 Vocab 1
Certain of that,
Belly stomach,
To try to attempt
21  cards
AK2 Chapter 6 Vocab 1
34  cards
AK2 Chapter 5 Vocab 2
Polite well mannered,
Different from
11  cards
AK2 Chapter 7 Vocab 1
To reach attain a number or place,
32  cards
AK2 Chapter 7 Vocab 2
Plural of,
Plural of,
39  cards
Arabic Chapter 8 Vocab 1
Earth ground,
Circle you sit in
33  cards
Arabic Media Language
An indicator of the success of th...,
This kind of behaviour will lead ...,
And the presidents visit comes at
42  cards
Arabic Literary Language
Present tense conjugation nominal...,
7  cards
Arabic Media Language 2
Social distancing and a curfew th...,
And the statements of material an...
19  cards
Arabic Vocabulary 4
استنبتوا جذور هذا المشروع,
They planted deepened the roots o...,
Setbacks and renewal
14  cards
Arabic 150
Patriarchal society,
41  cards
Arabic 150 Corrections
She was raised grew up,
The author makes us feel,
Her low status
6  cards
Saq al Bambu
7  cards
There isn t a a zionist movement ...,
Seizure of the lands,
17  cards

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