architecture and operating systems

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Architecture Intro (PPT 1)
What does a basic microcomputer c...,
What connects the parts of a micr...,
Cpu fetches a constant stream of ...
16  cards
Caches (PPT 2 - 4)
What are the four goals we wish t...,
What is the von neumann bottleneck,
What is a cache
40  cards
Memory Management (PPT 5 - 6)
Can we extend main memory using a...,
What governs memory address and r...,
Why use memory management
34  cards
CPU (PPT 7 - 10)
What is in memory,
What is the fetch execute cycle,
What does an instruction consist of
67  cards
I/O (PPT 11-12)
What does input output allow you ...,
What does i o usually involve,
Have i o speeds increased over th...
27  cards
Bus Architectures (PPT 13)
What is a bus,
What is a bus made up of,
What is a bus hierarchy
26  cards
Operating System Intro (PPT 1)
What is an operating system,
What are the three main purposes ...,
What would a programmer have to k...
18  cards
Operating System Process (PPT 2)
What is a process,
What is a process made up of,
What are the six process states t...
20  cards
Operating Systems Scheduling (PPT 3)
What is scheduling,
What are the three types of sched...,
What is user oriented criteria
29  cards
Operating Systems Concurrency (PPT 4-5)
What is concurrency,
What is synchronisation,
What is signalling
41  cards
Operating System Hard Disc (PPT 6)
What are the properties of a hard...,
What is the minimum unit of infor...,
What are the two types of file al...
42  cards
Operating System Security (PPT 7)
What is security,
What are the four key areas to pr...,
What are the four types of generi...
24  cards
Operating Systems Distributed Systems (PPT 8)
What do networks do,
What are some different types of ...,
What do programs on a network nee...
21  cards

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architecture and operating systems

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