are 5.0 pdd - project development & documentation

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Amber Book - PDD Flashcards
Why would you fill a hollow cmu,
Duct and pipe bracing detailing,
Materials with high embodied ener...
130  cards
Accessibility, Code and Diagrams
I 4,
Type v b
37  cards
Plumbing and Sanitary Systems - JACB
Three major phases processes that...,
The process by which water is giv...,
Give three other forms of precipi...
31  cards
A person or organization having t...,
A per son or organization that in...,
A person who engages in the profe...
105  cards
The science dealing with the phys...,
The si unit of electric charge eq...,
The energy per unit charge availa...
158  cards
Any of the sciences such as socio...,
The activity or profession of det...,
9  cards
The quantity of heat required to ...,
A unit of heat equal to 100 000 btu,
The base si unit of temperature e...
19  cards
Concrete & Masonry
A naturally occuring clayey limes...,
A siliceous material such as fly ...,
Containing silica or silicate
147  cards
A hindged sliding or folding barr...,
A door carried on and swinging ab...,
A pivoted door that is partially ...
93  cards
Span Rules of Thumb
Metal decking,
Light gauge steel joists,
Precast concrete solid flat slab ...
15  cards
General Mix
Which occupancy group requires a ...,
How would one calculate the minim...,
Do vapor barriers prevent the mov...
213  cards
Multiple Choice
Which of the following is true wh...,
What is the value of architects f...,
Which of the following considerat...
71  cards

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