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AR 623-3
What army regulation governs the ...,
What is the purpose for the army ...,
What form is used for the oer for...
13  cards
The Army Song
0  cards
Camouflage, Concealment And Decoys
What army field manual covers ccd,
Is each soldier responsible for c...,
The primary goal of ccd is to avo...
25  cards
Guard Duty
What are the two types of guards,
What are interior guards,
What two guard types fall under i...
54  cards
US Army History
When was the constitution written,
Who created the us army,
When was the infantry branch esta...
53  cards
Field Sanitation
What is the mission of the unit f...,
Who makes up the unit field sanit...,
The rigors of extended deployment...
46  cards
Code Of Conduct
What does sere stand for,
What document is international la...,
What are the duties of individual...
48  cards
What fm covers survival,
What are 9 common senses of dehyd...,
What heat effects must be conside...
71  cards
What does sharp stand for,
What chapters cover the sharp pro...,
What are the goals of the sharp p...
67  cards
What is the current us policy on nbc,
What does nbc stand for,
What are 4 capabilities of counte...
107  cards
Supply Economy
What is csdp,
What is supply discipline,
What is the purpose of csdp
43  cards
What chapter of ar 350 1 covers n...,
What provides soldiers leaders an...,
What are institutional training c...
86  cards
Equal Opportunity
What chapter covers the eo progra...,
What is the purpose of the eo pro...,
What is the eo program based on
87  cards
Comprehensive Soldier Fitness
What publications covers csf2,
What is the purpose of csf2,
Primary training delivery methods
12  cards
Military Justice
Hay does ucmj stand for,
What does mcm stand for,
Why should commanders use nonpuni...
34  cards
What army publication covers the ...,
What is s gate,
What da form is used to transmit ...
7  cards
Awards And Decorations
What is the difference between a ...,
What are some examples of individ...,
Examples of us unit decorations
30  cards
What da pam is the guide for moto...,
What army regulation covers the a...,
What da pam is the leaders unit m...
24  cards
Drill And Ceremony
What fm covers drill and ceremony,
What is a review,
What are 2 prescribed formation o...
43  cards
Chain Of Command/NCO Support Channel
Who is the secretary of the army,
Who is the army chief of staff,
Sergeant major of the army
12  cards
I Corps
What is the regulation outlining ...,
The army s promotes a cli,
Name 3 types of sexual assault
7  cards
Define logistics,
What are sustainment principles,
What are the principles of person...
7  cards
Army Programs
What is the mission of asap,
What army regulation covers asap,
What does ar 600 85 cover
42  cards
ADP 7-0
What does adp 7 0 cover,
Where does training begin,
What process do commanders apply ...
7  cards
FM 3-22.9 M-16
What is the fm concerning the m16...,
What is the first thing you must ...,
Name the 5 phases in basic rifle ...
73  cards
Land Nav FM 3-25.26
What is the fm for map reading an...,
What is the definition of a map,
What does a map provide
97  cards
Customs And Courtesies
When must army personnel in unifo...,
Who will salute first,
What should accompany the renderi...
33  cards
Army Leadership
What is an army leader,
What is leadership,
What is toxic leadership
61  cards
First Aid
What does tccc,
What are the three phases of tccc,
Explain care under fire
74  cards
Army NCO Guide
What does fm 7 227 cover,
What fm covers history of the nco,
What do soldiers depend on from a...
27  cards
Training Units And Developing Leaders
What is the army s life blood,
What are the 3 training domains t...,
Who is responsible for training u...
92  cards
Operations Process
What does the operations process ...,
What does the operations process ...,
What is the army s framework for ...
43  cards
Physical Readiness Training
What does prt prepare soldiers an...,
What is physical readiness,
Why is prt a mandatory training p...
53  cards
What publication covers the couns...,
What is counseling,
What is one of the most important...
68  cards
Army Body Composition Program
What regulation covers army body ...,
What is the primary objective of ...,
What is the secondary objective o...
18  cards
Fm 1 04,
Fm 1 05,
Fm 1 06
95  cards

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