army promotion board 2021

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Sustainment ADP 4-0
What adp covers sustainment,
What is the sustainment warfighti...,
What is logistics
13  cards
Army Leadership 6-22
What does adp 6 22 cover,
Define leadership,
What is an army leader
19  cards
Drill & Ceremony TC 3-21.5
What fm covers drill and ceremony,
What are 2 prescribed formations ...,
What are the three marching steps...
45  cards
ABCP AR 600-9
What regulation covers army body ...,
What is the primary objective of ...,
What is the secondary objective o...
34  cards
Army command Policy AR 600-20
What does ar 600 20 cover,
What does ar 600 20 cover,
What is command
35  cards
Rentention AR 601-280
What army regulation covers the a...,
What are some reasons that a sold...,
What is an srb
11  cards
Counseling ATP 6-22.1
What publication covers the couns...,
What is counseling,
What is one of the most important...
52  cards
NCOER AR 623-3
What army regulation prescribes t...,
What does the evaluation reportin...,
Under the ers a soldier is evalua...
35  cards
Suicide Prevention AR 600-63 Chapter 4-4
What army regulation covers suici...,
What does aspp stand for,
What does the success of aspp dep...
17  cards
Enlisted reductions And Promotions AR 600-8-19
What regulation covers promotions...,
What should you look for when rec...,
What is meant by inefficiency
29  cards
Physical Readiness training FM 7-22
What does prt prepare soldiers an...,
What is physical readiness,
Why is prt a mandatory training p...
37  cards
Operations process ADP 5-0
What does the operations process ...,
What does the operations process ...,
What is the army s framework for ...
27  cards
Unified land Operations ADRP 3-0
What is unified land operations,
What is the united states army,
What is army doctrine
28  cards
Maintenance AR 750-1
What da pam is the guide for moto...,
What army regulation covers the a...,
What are the 4 levels of maintenance
22  cards
First aid TC 4-02.1
What is self aid,
Name some items that you might us...,
What is the quickest way to splin...
82  cards
NCOPD AR 350-17
What does ncodp stand for,
What is the goal of ncodp,
As with all leader training and l...
9  cards
Custom & Courtesies AR 600-25
When must army personnel in unifo...,
Who will salute first,
What should accompany the renderi...
39  cards
Land Nav TC 3-25.26
What publication covers map readi...,
What is the definition of a map,
What does a map provide
41  cards
Training ADP 7-0
What adp covers training units an...,
Where does training begin,
What process do commanders apply ...
22  cards
Army Programs
What does acs stand for,
What does acs stand for,
What is acs
16  cards
Wear and Appearance AR 670-1
What army regulation covers the w...,
What does a soldiers appearance m...,
What is a matter of personal prid...
63  cards

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