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art history

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Introduction Vocab
Scheme for projecting an illusion...,
Green purple and orange,
A diagram of the horizontal arran...
20  cards
18  cards
Vocab 2
Persian royal audience hall,
Multitiered structure thought to ...,
Stone monument with relief carving
20  cards
Vocab 3
Powerful new kingdom pharaoh,
Dying resurrecting god,
Egyptian goddess wife of osiris
20  cards
6  cards
Stone age,
19  cards
Review And Ertruscan Vocab
Principles of art,
Elements of art,
Order of the parthenon
22  cards
4th Sixth Weeks
Technique used in building the is...,
A spiritual being or deity,
The beam at the crest of the roofs
34  cards
Multiple Choice Questions
All of the following are characte...,
The erechtheum is most famous for...,
The annunciation and the visitati...
39  cards
Title, Culture, And Significant Facts
Nike of samothrice,
Ajax and achilles playing a dice ...
2  cards
Twelfth century cleric who built ...,
Abbot and reformer who spoke of t...,
Eastern end of gothic church cont...
44  cards
Packet Test Wednesday
George segal,
Helen frankenthaler,
Constantin brancusi
5  cards
1st ID
Bicycle wheel,
The oxbow,
Portrait of a lady
6  cards
Principles of Art
5  cards
Vocab 1
Several large stones capped with ...,
Most recent paleolithic paintings,
Circle of monoliths
20  cards
1st Six
Some apples bananas and peaches,
Sumerian accomplishments,
23  cards
Egypt ID
Old kindom,
Old kingdom,
Old kingdom
27  cards
Top 20
20  cards
2nd Six Weeks Test
The rosetta stone
23  cards
Greece Art Test
Artist of raft of medusa,
Artist of woman with dead child,
Swelling of the column in the middle
60  cards
Prehistoric Aegan Art
14  cards
3rd Six Weeks Test
Date of high classical period,
Date of hellenistic period,
Most important innovation in the ...
16  cards
Greek vs. Roman Test
What was the purpose of the greek...,
Architecture of the greeks,
What was the purpose of the roman...
18  cards
Helenistic Art Test ID and Questions
Characteristics of the clssical g...,
14  cards
Oral Quiz Review
Identify three characteristics of...,
The hellenistic period is conside...,
Define tesserae
54  cards
Early Christian and Byzantine & 11 points
Early christian,
Three major categories of the lif...,
40  cards
Mannerism and Baroque Test
Mannerism time period,
Mannerism focused on,
Mannerism was developed in
17  cards
Stupid Vocab Test
Emblem bearing a coat of arms,
Florentine family who supported m...,
Perspective technique of showing ...
44  cards
Six weeks test
13  cards

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