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Chapter 1: US, USSR and British Relations 1945
Who were the leading capitalist d...,
What were the beliefs of the us,
What were the beliefs of the ussr
7  cards
Chapter 1: Yalta Conference
When was the yalta conference,
What were the concerns of the wes...,
What was roosevelt committed to a...
15  cards
Chapter 1: Potsdam Conference
When was potsdam,
What was happning with japan at t...,
What happened the day before potsdam
12  cards
Chapter 2: USSR and Eastern Europe
What confirmed in stalins mind th...,
What was the percentages agreement,
What was stalins initial focus re...
25  cards
Chapter 2: Events in late 1940s
When was kennans long telegram sent,
What was the long telegram fundam...,
What approach did kennan think th...
15  cards
Chapter 2: Greek Civil War, Truman Doctrine, Cominform
What did the ussr and the usa reg...,
When was the emergence of a cold ...,
What happened at the paris peace ...
16  cards
Chapter 3: US Attitude to Britain/Europe
What was the usas initial approac...,
What was there no clear indicatio...,
What was the perspective on the p...
22  cards
Chapter 3: US Attitude to Germany/Berlin
When and what was bizonia,
What did bizonia enforce,
What decision was made regarding ...
8  cards
Chapter 4: Four Zones of Germany
What was the allied control counc...,
What actions did the soviets take...,
How did the germans in the wester...
16  cards
Chapter 4: Bizonia & Currency Reform
What did the usa and britain want...,
Why was there a need for economic...,
What dispute was continuing with ...
9  cards
Chapter 4: Berlin Blockade
When was the berlin blockade intr...,
What was the berlin blockade,
Who was the prime mover in drivin...
8  cards
Chapter 4: Creation of East and West Germany
When were the plans for a split g...,
What was the ussrs attitude to th...,
What was the ussrs eastern german...
12  cards
Chapter 5: Post-War Japan
What policy did the us introduce ...,
What was the policy of reverse co...,
Why was japans recovery so import...
18  cards
Chapter 5: USA Policy towards China and Taiwan
What seemed inevitable at the sta...,
What was mao zedong concerned abo...,
Why was mao zedong concerned that...
15  cards
Chapter 6: Korean War Causes
What happened to korea at potsdam,
How was the korean situation in 1...,
What was the requirement for the ...
12  cards
Chapter 6: USSR, China and USA
What was stalins initial response...,
Why did stalins response to kim i...,
What did stalin do for north korea
18  cards
Chapter 6: UN and Military Involvement
How was truman able to legitimise...,
What was the effect of truman dis...,
What prevented a rapid north kore...
8  cards
Chapter 6: The End of the War
When did negotiations start,
Who obstructed the negotiations,
How was a significant delaying fa...
11  cards
Key Events
Yalta 1945,
Potsdam 1945,
Iron curtain 1946
31  cards
Chapter 7: McCarthyism
By 1950 what had happened regardi...,
What was the perspective of the u...,
What was the house of un american...
14  cards
Chapter 7: US dominance in the UN
When did the un come into being,
Who were the members of un,
Which country reinforced uns stat...
12  cards
Chapter 7: China's Isolation
What did truman and his advisers ...,
When did trumans desire for no in...,
What was the most alarming aspect...
9  cards
Chapter 8: Alliances
When was eisenhower elected us pr...,
What did eisenhower place a great...,
Why do historians believe eisenho...
16  cards
Chapter 8: Brinkmanship
There was much continuity when th...,
What did eisenhower reject of tru...,
When was the new look policy unve...
11  cards
Chapter 8: Indochina
Why was indochina important to ei...,
What did indochina consist of,
Who were the french fighting agai...
8  cards
Chapter 9: Poland and Hungary
What did krushchev hope to achiev...,
When was the secret speech and wh...,
What happened after krushchev ann...
15  cards
Chapter 9: Peaceful Coexistence
What did the 20th congress of the...,
What did krushchev want states wi...,
What did his speech at the 20th c...
26  cards
Chapter 10: Arms Race
How was soviet foreign policy som...,
What was the reason for the contr...,
Which bomb was developed in 1954
21  cards
Chapter 10: Berlin Crisis
When did khrushchev become prime ...,
What factors influenced khrushche...,
What were khrushchevs priorities ...
19  cards

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