as edexcel geography

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Tectonics EQ1 (1.1)
What is a convergent plate boundary,
What is a divergent plate boundary,
What is a conservative plate boun...
16  cards
Tectonics EQ2 (1.2)
How can a natural disaster be qua...,
What is considered a mega disaster,
What is the hazard risk equation
27  cards
Tectonics EQ3 (1.3)
What are the 5 types of hazard,
How have the patterns of disaster...,
What are the trends for tectonic ...
16  cards
Coasts EQ1 (2B.1)
What is the littoral zone,
What factors effect the littoral ...,
What are the different processes ...
21  cards
Coasts EQ2 (2B.2)
What is fetch,
What are steps to a wave braking,
What is beach morphology
16  cards
Coasts EQ3 (2B.3)
What is the worlds lowest lying c...,
What are the 2 main factors causi...,
What have kiribati done to save i...
20  cards
Coasts EQ4 (2B.4)
What are the economic costs of co...,
What are the social costs of coas...,
What are the environmental costs ...
23  cards
Globalisation EQ1 (3.1)
What is globalisation,
Why has globalisation increased s...,
What are the different forms of g...
28  cards
Globalisation EQ2 (3.2)
Why has there been a global shift...,
There has been a shift of manufac...,
What have been some of the enviro...
27  cards
Globalisation EQ3 (3.3)
What is development,
What are the 2 ways there can be ...,
What is the best way to measure d...
23  cards
Regeneration EQ1 (4A.1)
What is regeneration,
How do economic sectors vary in t...,
How does economic wealth vary thr...
20  cards
Regeneration EQ2 (4A.2)
Where is berkshire,
What is cumulative causation,
What factors make berkshire such ...
22  cards
Regeneration EQ3 (4A.3)
What ways has the central governm...,
What is a quango,
How do planning policies limit re...
29  cards
Regeneration EQ4 (4A.4)
What are some measures of economi...,
What is an example of an area whi...,
What are some measure of social p...
17  cards

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