as level computer science wjec

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Decks in this class (13)

1.1 Hardware & Communication
What happens in the fetch part of...,
How does the cpu make efficient u...,
What does the control bus do
42  cards
1.1 Networks and protocols
What is a network,
What is are network protocols,
What are the two network types no...
32  cards
1.3 Data Transmission
What are the two types of physica...,
What is serial transmission,
What is parallel transmission
8  cards
1.4 Data Representation and data types
What are the 4 rules of binary su...,
What is 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1,
What are the parts of a parts of ...
13  cards
1.5 Data Structures
What is an array,
What does random access mean,
How would you find print the cont...
7  cards
1.6 Organisation of data
What is a file,
14  cards
1.8 Operating Systems and software types
What is utility software,
Swhat are,
What are 5 ways in which an opera...
3  cards
1.9 Algorithms and programs
What is an algorithm,
What does parameter passing by va...,
What does parameter passing value...
12  cards
1.11 Systems analysis
What is a feasibility study,
What are the main 5 areas of a fe...,
What are the 5 stages of investig...
4  cards
1.14 The need for different types of software systems and their attributes
What is open source software,
What is bespoke software,
What is off the shelf software
6  cards
Systems and Architecture
How does cpu cores affect system ...,
How does the clock speed affect a...,
How does the cache memory affect ...
4  cards
Software Engineering
What are the 6 types of syntax er...,
What are the 4 stages of the comp...,
What happens in lexical analysis
8  cards
Extra: Python Coding
What are the different file acces...,
What is the code to read a file o...,
How do you read a file line by line
7  cards

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