as - n935 advanced patho ii

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Hyper- & Hypo Immune Disorders
Hyper hypo immune disorders,
Innate immunity,
Adaptive immunity
62  cards
Infectious Disorders
Antibiotic resistance,
Surgical site infections ssis
36  cards
Autoimmune Diseases
Autoimmune diseasesorgan specific...,
Autoimmune diseasessystemic disea...,
Autoimmune diseasesorgan specific...
25  cards
Hepatic Physiology
Liver functions,
How many lobules in the liver,
Liver lobule structures
56  cards
Hepatic Pathophysiology
Acute hepatitis,
Acute fulminant hepatic failure,
Acute viral hepatitis
51  cards
Hematologic Pathophysiology Anemias
46  cards
Hemoglobin Disorders
Hemoglobin formation,
Hemoglobin fe o2 binding,
Hemoglobin function
28  cards
Coagulation Disorders
Intrinsic pathway,
Extrinsic pathway,
Coagulation cascade
33  cards
Upper motor neurons,
Corticospinal tract,
Corticobulbar tract
66  cards
Renal Pathophysiology
Kidneys receive ___ total co,
Renal autoregulation,
Renal blood flow
87  cards
Endocrine - Pituitary
Endocrine glands,
Exocrine glands,
What mediates the endocrine system
53  cards
Endocrine - Adrenal
Adrenal gland,
Adrenal gland function,
Adrenal cortex
40  cards
Endocrine - Metabolic
Islet of langerhans,
Peptides or proteins
52  cards
Endocrine - Thyroid/Parathyroid
55  cards
Achalasia s s,
Achalasia diagnosis
83  cards
Pediatrics I
Low birth weight,
Very low birth weight
70  cards
Pediatrics II
Premature infantanesthetic consid...,
What are nsaids contraindicated i...,
What effect do inhalational anest...
62  cards
Congenital Heart Defects
Fetal circulation,
Fetal circulation characteristics
60  cards
CHD Syndromes
Syndromes associated w chd,
Down syndrome,
Down syndrome anesthetic consider...
15  cards
What age defines elderly,
What are the 5 key elements invol...,
What length is related to mortality
80  cards

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as - n935 advanced patho ii

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