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Wordsology Blood Bank High Yield Notes
Write down the weiner genotypes a...,
Which two genes weiner are the mo...,
What percent of the population is rh
40  cards
Donor Selection and Deferrals
What scrub is used to prepare the...,
What is the maximum collection of...,
Donor interval for whole blood
57  cards
Blood Collection and Processing
Is whole blood transfusion used o...,
What percentage hematocrit of pac...,
1 unit of packed red blood cells ...
66  cards
RBC Storage Lesion
What values are falsely increased...,
What values are falsely decreased...,
During rbc storage would you see ...
3  cards
IgM versus IgG
What time of antibody structure i...,
What type of antibody structure i...,
How many antigen binding sites do...
19  cards
ABO System
What are abo antigens characteriz...,
The abo gene is located on what c...,
What is the most common blood type
23  cards
ABO Typing and Discrepancies
What is the optimum temperature f...,
What would a bombay individual s ...,
What would you do if you see roul...
23  cards
Lewis Antibodies
What gene is the secretor gene,
What gene is the lewis gene,
If a person has lewis genotype le...
15  cards
I, i Antibodies
What two disease states is anti i...,
What kind of antibody is anti i,
What type of cells does anti i re...
15  cards
P and P1 Antibodies
What type of antibody is anti p1,
What kind of antibody is anti p,
What cells does anti p react with
8  cards
MNSs Antibodies
What kind of antibodies are anti ...,
Which antigens will not be detect...,
Which antibody may be enhanced by...
6  cards
Kell Antibodies
What kind of antibodies are kell,
What phase does anti k usually re...,
Is being k positive or k negative...
8  cards
Kidd Antibodies
What kind of antibodies are kidd ...,
What makes kidd antibodies unique...,
What happens in antibody titers w...
8  cards
Duffy Antibodies
What kind of antibodies are duffy...,
Are duffy antibodies enhanced wit...,
Are duffy antigens destroyed by e...
7  cards
D Typing and Weak D
True of false d antigen is the mo...,
What antigen is the most immunoge...,
Is the d antigen present at immed...
13  cards
Screening Cells & Antibody Panels
Wat blood group are screening cel...,
Wat blood group are screening cel...,
When performing an antibody scree...
16  cards
Enhancement Media
State the function,
What is the function low ionic st...,
What is the function enzymes such...
13  cards
DAT Testing
Describe the steps of a dat test,
What is the best sample for a dat...,
What could cause a false positive...
10  cards
Elution and Adsorption
What is an elution,
Can complement be eluted off of rbcs,
What kind of solvent is used to e...
11  cards
Neutralization and Inactivation
What is the purpose of performing...,
What do the sulfhydryl reagents a...
5  cards
Pretransfusion Testing & Antigen Typing
How many unique identifiers must ...,
How long after transfusion must t...,
If the patient was transfused wit...
14  cards
Adverse Effects of Transfusions
What are the top three reactions ...,
Acute hemolytic transfusion react...,
What is the most common symptom o...
25  cards
Transfusion Reactions
What is the cause of hemolytic tr...,
What is the cause of febrile tran...,
What is the cause of urticarial t...
7  cards
Misc. Transfusion-Related Diseases
What is more common contamination...,
What blood product must be tested...,
What are the required tests by aa...
7  cards
Hemolytic Disease of Fetus and Newborn
How does hdfn happen,
What can high levels of bilirubin...,
What is kernicterus and what is i...
31  cards
Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) System
What are human leukocyte antigens,
What cells are class i human leuk...,
What cells are class ii human leu...
12  cards
Quality Control
How often is qc ran for ahg reagent,
How often is qc ran for blood typ...,
How often is qc ran for antibody ...
9  cards

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