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Lesson 1: Observing The Night Sky
Can you explain apparent motions ...,
Can you identify ten constellatio...,
Reason for the earth s four seasons
34  cards
Lesson 1: Vocabulary
Vernal equinox,
Tropic of cancer,
Winter solstice
22  cards
Lesson 2: Historical Highlights In Astronomy
Who created the theory of epicycl...,
Aristotle proposed that motion in...,
Fill in the blank the ______ are ...
29  cards
Lesson 2: Vocabulary
Superior conjunction
35  cards
Lesson 3: The Terrestrial Planets
Fill in the blank ______ is the c...,
What is the list of planets it ou...,
As it refers to planets in our so...
33  cards
Lesson 3: Vocabulary
The moon
20  cards
Lessons 1-3
Which astronomer was the first to...,
What is the name of the bright st...,
Who first proposed that the plane...
23  cards
Lesson 4: Jovian Planets
The four jovian planets in order ...,
On which planet are the fastest w...,
What is the great red spot
26  cards
Lesson 4: Vocabulary
15  cards
Lesson 5: The Sun And Other Stars
When heat is transferred directly...,
The total energy a star gives off...,
How many magnitude 3 stars does i...
36  cards
Lesson 5: Vocabulary
Hydrogen burning,
25  cards
Lesson 6: Galaxies
What type of radiation can penetr...,
Clusters of stars that are orbiti...,
Who discovered the period luminos...
24  cards
Lesson 6: Vocabulary
Galactic disk,
Globular clusters,
Cepheid variable star
10  cards
Lessons 1-6
Who devised a method to measure t...,
Which colour of light has the low...,
When fusion begins in a high mass...
34  cards

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