edexcel gcse (9-1) astronomy

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1 Planet Earth
What is the earths mean diameter,
What is the largest terrestrial p...,
What shape is the earth
37  cards
2 Lunar Disc
Name 7 features on the near side ...,
How are lunar maria formed,
How were terrae formed
53  cards
3 The Earth-Moon-Sun System
How do tidal forces occur,
How do tidal forces affect the ea...,
How many times does the coast exp...
39  cards
4 Time and the Earth-Moon-Sun Cycles
What does one year correspond to,
What is one sidereal day,
What is one solar or synodic day
21  cards
5 Solar System Observation
What is retrograde motion,
How can you explain retrograde mo...,
What is the zodiacal band
31  cards
6 Celestial Observation
How many constellations are there,
What are asterisms,
What is an open cluster of stars ...
48  cards
7 Early Models Of The Solar System
What is precession,
Why do some ancient monuments see...,
What were the ancient models of t...
9  cards
8 Planetary Motion and Gravity
What is keplers first law of plan...,
What is keplers second law of pla...,
What is keplers third law
11  cards
9 Exploration Of The Moon
What is the mean thickness of the...,
How is the far side of the moon d...,
How is the moons core different t...
17  cards
10 Solar Astronomy
How can you safely observe the sun,
What are sunspots,
What is the average temperature o...
58  cards
11 Exploring The Solar System
What are the planets in our solar...,
What are the four terrestrial pla...,
What are the similarities between...
51  cards
12 Formation of Planetary Systems
What is a protoplanetary disc,
What is a frost line,
How did the planets form
68  cards
13 Exploring Starlight
What is magnitude,
What is the scale of magnitude,
What is apparent magnitude
70  cards
14 Stellar Evolution
What are nebulae,
What are open clusters,
What are globular clusters
37  cards
15 Our Place In The Galaxy
What is our galaxy called,
What is milky way in latin,
How far is the sun from the centr...
30  cards
16 Cosmology
What is redshift,
What is the equation to calculate...,
Write out the hubbles law
32  cards
Key Astronomers and their work
What is nicolaus copernicus known...,
What is tycho brahe best known for,
What is hans lippershey known for
23  cards
Telescopes and Space Probes
What are the two basic telescopes,
What type of lens does a refracti...,
What type of lens does a reflecti...
41  cards
Write out the proton proton chain,
What is 0 e 1,
What is 0 v 0
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edexcel gcse (9-1) astronomy

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