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Chapter 1
What is the aggregation of margin...,
Habits are the compound interest of,
You should be far more concerned ...
6  cards
Chapter 2
Every action you take is a vote for,
The most practical way to change ...,
What is the two step process of c...
4  cards
Chapter 3
Went odd the feedback loop,
West are the four laws of behavio...
2  cards
Chapter 4
There are no good habits or bad h...,
Pointing and calling
2  cards
Chapter 5
Many people think they lack motiv...,
The first law of behavior change is,
The two most common cues are
5  cards
Chapter 6
Motivation is overrated environme...,
An example of changing your envir...,
Visual cues are the biggest catal...
3  cards
Chapter 8
The second law of behavior change is,
What is temptation bundling
2  cards
Chapter 7
The inversion of the first law of...,
It s easier to avoid temptation t...,
Self control is a short term stra...
4  cards
Chapter 10
What is the inversion to the seco...,
Your habits are modern day soluti...,
How do you make a habit seem unat...
3  cards
Chapter 11
What odd the 3rd law of behavior ...,
The most effective way of learnin...,
What is the difference between be...
4  cards
Chapter 12
It s remarkable his little fricti...,
Increase the friction associated ...,
Reduce the friction associated wi...
4  cards
The Rest Of The Book
When you create a new habit it sh...,
The more you ritualize the beginn...,
Standardize before you
13  cards
What could i stick to even on the...,
What you feed yourself today
2  cards

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