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Regulations - Part 61
14 cfr 61100s,
14 cfr 61120s,
14 cfr 61180s
66  cards
Technical Subject Area: Logbook Entries And Certificate Endorsements
0  cards
Technical Subject Area: National Airspace System
0  cards
Technical Subject Area: Airplane Flight Controls
Primary flight controls,
What axis of rotation do the aile...,
What axis of rotation does the el...
13  cards
Technical Subject Area: Principles Of Flight
Parts of an airfoil,
True or false typical airfoil des...,
What does the curved upper surfac...
9  cards
Technical Subject Area: Aeromedical Factors
0  cards
Fundamentals of Instruction Task A: Human Behavior and Communication
0  cards
Fundamentals of Instruction Task B: The Learning Process
Learning theories bicc,
Factors that affect perception gstep,
Acquiring knowledge muc
33  cards
Fundamentals of Instruction Task C: The Teaching Process
Essential teaching skills,
Essential parts to a lesson plan,
Organization of material
20  cards
Fundamentals of Instruction Task D: Assessment & Critique
Purpose of assessment pach,
Effective assessment fastcoco,
Types of assessment tao
17  cards
Fundamentals of Instruction Task E: Instructor Responsibilities & Professionalism
Aviation instructor responsibilit...,
Minimizing student frustrations m...,
Flight instructor responsibility ...
15  cards
Fundamentals of Instruction Task F: Techniques of Flight Instruction
Obstacles to learning,
Common types of assessments,
Decision making process
8  cards
Fundamentals of Instruction Task G: Risk Management
Principles of risk management,
Rick management process,
Assessing risk likelihood of an e...
16  cards

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