atpl air law

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International agreements and organisations
What is the chicago convention,
What are sarps,
What is territorial airspace
43  cards
To what aircraft does airworthine...,
Who is the certificate of airwort...,
What does the certificate of airw...
6  cards
Aircraft Nationality And Registration Marks
Who are the nationality and regis...,
When is a common mark assigned,
What combinations can not be used...
5  cards
Rules Of The Air VFR
Who do the rules of the air apply to,
Can arc refuse a change from ifr ...,
Vmc minima at or above 10 000ft i...
41  cards
Rules Of The Air IFR
Obstacle clearance ifr,
What is eer ifr,
What is separation up to fl290
14  cards
Instrument Procedures, Departures
What is required for a instrument...,
What is obstacle clearance for a ...,
What is the design of a instrumen...
9  cards
Instrument Procedures Approaches
What is the speeds for a cat a ai...,
Speeds for cat b aircraft,
Speeds for class c aircraft
64  cards
Instrument Approahes, Circling Approaches
What is a visual manoeuvring circ...,
What happens if there is obstacle...,
Why is each approach different
6  cards
Holding Procedures
Stack separation,
What is shuttled,
Who is responsible for the hold
22  cards
Altimeter Setting Procedures
Who sets the transition altitude ta,
Where do you find the transition ...,
2 or more aerodromes in close pro...
13  cards
Parallel Runways
What is a independent approach on...,
What is a dependent approach on a...,
What do all aircraft have to do f...
16  cards
When should you squawk ident,
What deviation in reported flight...,
If transponder fails before depar...
4  cards
What is uir,
What is a flight information region,
Different between a zone and a area
22  cards
Air Traffic Services
Objectives of ats,
Ats comprises of 3 divisions,
What is area control
21  cards
Non rvsm separation,
Rvsm separation,
When can climb or descent separat...
37  cards
Control Of Aircraft
How many types of radar control a...,
What is radar control,
What is approach radar
24  cards
Aeronautical Information Service
Objective of the ais,
If ais isn t available 24hours wh...,
What is the integrated aeronautic...
30  cards
Aerodrome Physical Characteristics
When can a unlicensed aerodrome b...,
Is the apron part of the manoeuvr...,
What is the aeronautical part or ...
18  cards
Awrodromes - Visual Aids, Markings And Signs
What colour should the landing di...,
Atc signalling lamp should be abl...,
When are yellow runway chevrons used
17  cards
Aerodrome Lighting
Lights which are intensity adjust...,
Aerodrome lights may be turned of...,
If there is no back up power then...
22  cards
Obstacle Marking And Aerodrome Services
Obstacle identification surface ois,
Colours for vehicles,
Vehicle lighting
15  cards
The aim of facilitation,
General declaration is signed by,
On the manifests there shall be
11  cards
Search And Rescue
When should the rcc be informed,
If you are first on scene of an e...,
All ships at sea shall maintain r...
15  cards
What does a cs need to send icao ...,
What does the pic need to be noti...,
If mixing between segregated pass...
12  cards
Aircraft Accident And Incident Investigation
When is a accident not a accident...,
What type of occurrence would fli...,
How is responsible for investigat...
9  cards
Aircrew Licencing
Difference between renewal and re...,
What is easa part fcl,
What is easa part med
36  cards

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