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Chapter 1 - The Atmosphere
List of gases that make up the at...,
What is the other non gas involve...,
What are the 4 main layers of the...
17  cards
Chapter 2 - Temperature
Give kelvin and fahrenheit at 0 d...,
How do we measure the surface temp,
How do we measure the upper air temp
22  cards
Chapter 3 - Pressure
Why are we interested in px,
How do we measure px on the ground,
How do we measure px on a c
25  cards
Chapter 4 - Atmosphere Density
What is density,
Low density does what,
What happens to density if px inc...
9  cards
Chapter 5 - Pressure Systems
What is another name for the heat...,
What occurs at the itcz,
Where is the hadley cell and what...
15  cards
Chapter 6 - Altimetry
0  cards
Chapter 7 - Humidity
Can water vapour been seen,
Where is a lot of water vapour pr...,
What does water vapour molecules ...
19  cards
Chapter 8 - Stability
What is the adiabatic process,
What is the elr lapse rate accord...,
What is the dalr with figures
17  cards
Chapter 13 - Cloud Formation
What can cause air to cool when i...,
What happens when air meets the i...,
Give the process of up life to fo...
11  cards
Chapter 12 - Cloud Classification
What does wmo stand for,
X3 cloud shapes and their develop...,
X3 cloud levels with heights
31  cards
Chapter 13 - Precipitation
Bergeron theory is,
Coalescense theory is,
The greater the depth of the clou...
16  cards
Chapter 14 - Thunderstorms
X3 required to start a thunderstorm,
Warm air underneath cold creates ...,
Frontal thunderstorms create inst...
19  cards
Chapter 19 - Non Frontal Depressions
What is stage 1 of a tropical storm,
What is stage 2 of a tropical storm,
What is stage 3 of a tropical storm
11  cards
Chapter 15 - Icing
Scwd at temps below 0 degrees can...,
Size of the scwd depends on what ...,
At which temps are the greatest a...
17  cards
Chapter 16 - Visibility
What is the visibility for fog,
What is the visibility for mist,
What is the visibility for haze
23  cards
Chapter 10 - Wind
How is surface wind measured,
What is calm winds,
What is a lull
54  cards
Chapter 11 - Upper winds
What causes upper winds,
What causes the pressure gradient...,
Isohypes are
12  cards
Chapter 17 - Air Masses
What is the stability of air mass...,
Tropical continental mass is from...,
Tropical maritime mass is from wh...
5  cards
Chapter 19 - Fronts and Frontal Depressions
What is frontogensis,
What is frontolysis,
During the winter theres temp dif...
16  cards
Chapter 20 - Climatology
Which monsoon affects sw india w ...,
Which monsoon affects north austr...,
What is el nino
8  cards
Chapter 22 - Reporting and Forecasting
What does wmo stand for,
Icao sets out the guide lines for...,
Wmo icao meet regularly to review...
22  cards

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