att law for tax practitioners

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1: The Nature of Law in the UK
Define common law,
What are the difference in remedi...,
What is the interaction between e...
18  cards
2: Persuasive Legal Concepts
What are the three legal entities...,
What is the definition of an indi...,
An individual is said to have a _...
16  cards
3: Constitutional and administrative law
Function of the crown,
Flow of policy in government,
What are the three main organs of...
17  cards
4: Legislation as a source of law
What is the definition of legisla...,
There are two main types of legis...,
There are two primary legislature...
33  cards
5: Case law as a source of law
What is the term for the case tha...,
What is the latin term for when t...,
In order for the doctrine of prec...
18  cards
6: EU Law
What was the name of the treaty t...,
What was the name of the treaty t...,
What was the treaty on european u...
16  cards
7: Criminal law and tort
What is the basic definition of w...,
For a person to be guilly of a cr...,
Does there always need to be an a...
38  cards
8: The law of property
What is the definition of property,
What is an example of something t...,
What two things are property clas...
25  cards
9: Land law
What are the summary of items tha...,
If you found a treasure trove und...,
What are the two test applied to ...
21  cards
10: The law of contract
What is the relevant legislation ...,
What is the relevant legislation ...,
A contract for the sale of goods ...
33  cards
11: The contract of law - specific contracts
What are the particular formaliti...,
How can a contract of agency be m...,
What is a contract of agency
18  cards
12: Employment and other working relationships
Match the two contracts to the ri...,
What are contracts of service als...,
What are the four factors when co...
28  cards
13: Sole traders and partnerships
Is there a requirement for a sole...,
Does the business have a separate...,
What is strictly necessary to set...
43  cards
14: The law of persons and family law
Domicile is a concept of the ___ law,
Technically can a person be domic...,
What are the 5 basic principles o...
29  cards
15: The law of gifts and succession law
What does inter vivos mean,
What is a legatee,
Is an oral or written statement e...
39  cards
16: Trust law
Who are the three principal actor...,
What are the roles of each person...,
There are 3 types of express priv...
31  cards
17: Establishing and managing a trust
What are the three elements for c...,
If a clause of a will said 100 00...,
If there is no clear intention to...
48  cards
18: Company law the basics
What are people who go about sett...,
What are registered companies,
What is a memorandum of association
54  cards
19: Company law share and loan capital
There are two types of ways a com...,
Both shareholders and debenture h...,
Can a company issue share capital...
55  cards
20: Company law sales of shares and assets
What is the difference in a share...,
Which types of sales apply to dif...,
What is a restrictive convenant
12  cards
21: Company law restructuring and insolvency
What are the three forms of corpo...,
What is a reconstruction,
What is an amalgamation in corpor...
19  cards
Assorted questions
What does stare decisis mean,
Is the supreme court bound by its...,
Are writings of authors of repute...
53  cards
ATT Mock 2 recap
If a partnership has not fulfille...,
Are new partners liable for debts...,
Are retiring partners liable for ...
27  cards
ATT Mock 1 recap
Can unregistered trademarks still...,
Which are the 3 types of intellec...,
Where a person has been given per...
8  cards

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