law cbe (att/cta)

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The Nature of Law in the UK
What are the three legal jurisdic...,
What was the primary source of en...,
What remedies does common law giv...
18  cards
Criminal and Civil Law
What are the essential elements f...,
True or false a person must perfo...,
What act does the duty of a data ...
17  cards
Constitutional and Administrative Law
True or false gibraltar is part o...,
True or false the isle of wight i...,
Who is free to impose tax in the uk
15  cards
Pervasive Legal Concepts
How should a foreign llc treated ...,
You are a sole trader and seperat...,
What is a non juristic person
25  cards
Legislation as a Source of Law
When is a bill considered by a co...,
True or false parliament cannot r...,
True or false parliament can pass...
34  cards
Case Law as a Source of Law
Who is the court of appeal bound ...,
Who is the final court of appeal ...,
Following the uk s departure form...
29  cards
The Law of Property
True or false both the leasehold ...,
What happens if a tenant in a ten...,
True or false to be enforceable a...
26  cards
Land Law
True or false the sale of a lease...,
Person a owns the fee simple abso...,
What is an easement
28  cards
The Law of Contract
What makes an offer capable of ac...,
What is the remedy that must alwa...,
What is a final and unqualified a...
25  cards
Specific Contracts
What is the implied authority of ...,
What can the principal do where a...,
What is an undisclosed agent
17  cards
Employment and Other Working Relationships
True or false an employer is alwa...,
True or false a written statement...,
True or false a non executive dir...
18  cards
The Law of Persons and Family Law
What is domicile of origin,
What are the cgt and iht conseque...,
True or false the definition of c...
15  cards
Sole Traders and Partnerships
True or false a partnership must ...,
True or false a partnership must ...,
True or false a partnership is su...
23  cards
The Law of Gifts and Succession
You decide to make a will you sig...,
At the time of making his will su...,
True or false a will may be revok...
26  cards
Trust Law
Andrea settles property on trust ...,
What happens when no person is ex...,
What is a discretionary trust
31  cards
Establishing and Managing a Trust
In what instance can a person not...,
Who may additional trustees not b...,
Who may appoint additional trustees
22  cards
Company Law: The Basics
Tom has transferred his business ...,
What is the minimum amount that a...,
True or false if a business does ...
20  cards
Company Law: Share and Loan Capital
True or false a company cannot si...,
True or false proceeds from share...,
True or false dividends must only...
29  cards
Company Law: Sales of Shares and Assets
True or false when a partnership ...,
True or false the process for tra...,
What is usually part of a due dil...
13  cards
Company Law: Restructuring and Insolvency
What is the primary objective of ...,
Assuming there has not been a mor...,
When a liquidator is appointed th...
26  cards
True or false is it not compulsor...,
True or false it is not complusor...,
True or false it is compulsory fo...
50  cards
Miscellaneous 2
In tax matters how is delegated l...,
True or false the rules of common...,
True or false it is not possible ...
40  cards
Miscellaneous 3
True or false tax advisers are no...,
What is consideration defined as,
Edward is 75 years old and is mak...
45  cards
Miscellaneous 4
What are extra legal sources of r...,
What is the definition of mens rea,
True or false a company is a data...
37  cards
Miscellaneous 5
How can a reduction of share capi...,
What is the maximum length of tim...,
When does a lease need to be regi...
24  cards

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