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Regarding cpr how does survival i...,
From recover due to decay of skil...,
T f veterinarians or technicians ...
46  cards
Lidocaine class and moa,
Procainamide class and moa,
Atenolol class and moa
479  cards
What nerve can be damaged during ...,
What muscle must be separated at ...,
Risk factors associated with aspi...
411  cards
Why are ivps not helpful in anima...,
Name 4 anti spasmodics and their moa,
At what stage of aki does irrever...
223  cards
What enzyme converts pyruvate to ...,
List the 7 stimuli for pth secretion,
What inhibits pth secretion
54  cards
GI/Exocrine Pancreas
How are protons pumped out of par...,
Name the three stimulants for gas...,
Where are stress related mucosal ...
431  cards
Milk thistle moa,
What are branch chain aas,
Same moa
110  cards
Damage to which cranial nerve cau...,
What are the 4 physiologic compar...,
Where is most csf formed and wher...
164  cards
Maternal factors of dystocia,
Fetal causes of dystocia,
Causes of primary uterine inertia
21  cards
How should an elbow luxation be s...
1  cards
Azathioprine moa,
Corticosteroids moa,
Ivig moa
107  cards
Phases of wound healing,
What is required for optimum coll...,
Scars retain what of tensile stre...
34  cards
Risk factors for nosocomial vap,
Guidelines for initiating empiric...,
In gram negative sepsis lps binds
30  cards
Free water deficit calculation,
Normal sid in dogs vs cats,
What toxins cause type b lactic a...
200  cards
Where does the spinal cord end in...,
Layers needle passes through when...
2  cards
How many kcal ml is 50 dextrose
1  cards
2 possible causes of acute hepati...,
Cocaine moa,
Toxin in mountain laurel rhododen...
180  cards
West Respiratory Phys
List other functions of the lung ...,
Fick s law of diffusion,
How thick is the blood gas barrier
162  cards
Kirby s rule of 20,
Equation for map,
Equation for cardiac output
66  cards
Name the 4 types of vasopressin r...,
Describe the tissues affected and...,
Describe the tissues affected and...
271  cards
Mechanical Ventilation
Define the trigger variable,
What is the trigger variable in p...,
What is the cycle variable
137  cards
What is the definition of intraab...,
What is abdominal compartment syn...,
Approximately how many icu patien...
111  cards
Where is the thermoregulatory cen...,
What is responsible for sensing t...,
When ambient temperatures are nor...
38  cards
Rost and Post Renal Phys
What is the average glomerular fi...,
What are the two routes for tubul...,
T f reabsorbed solutes returned t...
10  cards
0  cards
What are three alpha 2b beta 3 gi...,
Thrombomodulin moa where does it ...,
What is the platelet receptor for...
273  cards

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