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Metric Notation
Fill in the blank,
Fill in the blank
2  cards
Voltage and Current
When the number of protons equals...,
The law of electrostatics states ...,
A simple electric circuit has wha...
14  cards
The amount of resistance to curre...,
Just as a resistor is abbreviated...,
What is inversely proportional wi...
26  cards
Switches, Fuses, and Circuit Breakers
A ______ is a device that is used...,
What is the meaning for these sch...,
What does no or nc mean
13  cards
Magnetism, Relays, and Meters
All magnets have lines of force c...,
What are the two rules of magneti...,
How are electromagnets made
7  cards
Resistance Measurements
When making a resistance measurem...,
A _______check is another type of...,
Continuity measurements are typic...
4  cards
Ohm's Law and Power
Current is affected by two factors,
Voltage is the electrical pressur...,
Resistance is the opposition to c...
10  cards
Series Circuits
When current flows through a resi...,
The sum of all the voltage drops ...,
In series circuits the individual...
15  cards
Parallel Circuits
How do you calculate the current ...,
What formula would you use to fin...,
What is the product over sum formula
5  cards
AC Electricity
How are sine waves measured,
This sine wave completes one cycl...,
The ac voltage of the circuit can...
21  cards
Resistance in AC Circuits
What steps should be taken to det...,
What steps should be done to dete...,
In essence whats ohms law for ac ...
4  cards
What is this test equipment calle...,
The waveform waveshape displayed ...,
Dual trace oscilloscopes have fou...
23  cards
Bridge Circuits
What type of circuit is formed by...,
The _______ is formed by two volt...,
What is the purpose of a bridge c...
7  cards
The inductor is a component that ...,
To induce voltage in an inductor ...,
What is the effect of the expandi...
14  cards
RL Series circuits
What is the formula to find total...,
Xl is measured in _____ and expre...,
If inductance increases what else...
21  cards
Chapter 1 & 2 Study Questions
In the first solo across the atla...,
Name three instruments used by th...,
What generated power for linbergh...
21  cards
Chapter 25 Study Questions
Hazardous areas for wiring on lar...,
What type of wire should never be...,
Why are stranded wires preferred ...
18  cards
RL Parallel Circuits
The total inductance of a paralle...,
To find total inductance lt in a ...,
Explain again the characteristics...
10  cards
Voltage Divider
The purpose of a voltage divider ...,
Points along a circuit that provi...,
A series circuit with tap off poi...
10  cards
What is a capacitor,
What is a dielectric,
The capacitor is constructed from...
18  cards
RC Series Circuits
The total capacitance ct of a ser...,
To find total capacitance ct in a...,
Capacitive reactance xc in a seri...
25  cards
RC Parallel Circuits
The total capacitance of a parall...,
What formula is used to find tota...,
What is capacitive reactance xc i...
13  cards
RC Filters
An rc filter is a circuit constru...,
Remember as frequency increases c...,
What does an rc filter circuit bl...
27  cards
Parallel Resonance
When frequency decreases inductiv...,
The condition in a circuit when i...,
As frequency increases xl increases
18  cards
Electrical Circuits
The 60 hz ac input is applied thr...,
What type of circuit best describ...,
What type of component is t1
22  cards
Relays are magnetically operated ...,
What is the purpose of a magnetic...,
What are the two types of relays
21  cards
Troubleshooting Relays and Switches
If a sealed relay fails how is it...,
What are the two common relay fai...,
A faulted core either ____ or ___...
15  cards
Introduction to Transformers
The purpose of a transformer is t...,
With transformers power in always...,
The input to a transformer is app...
19  cards
Terminal Types and Connections
How wires are configured in relat...,
What standard is used as an advis...,
What is the name of this type of ...
10  cards
Aircraft Wires and Connectors
_____wire has lower resistance th...,
Which wire is less susceptible to...,
The term ____ as used in aircraft...
29  cards
NCATT Direct Current (DC) Terms - Level A
Define direct current,
Define electron,
Define proton
27  cards
NCATT Alternating Current (AC) Terms - Level B
Define alternating current,
Define frequency,
Define impedance z
16  cards
NCATT Basic Circuits Theory of Operation - Level B
Define power,
Define joules,
Define series circuit
12  cards
NCATT DC/AC Measurement - Level 2b
Define multimeter,
Define ammeter,
Define voltmeter
5  cards
The purpose of a diode is to allo...,
What is th reference designator f...,
The ____ diode schematic symbol i...
22  cards
Cables, Connectors, and Tools
Solid conductors have a lower res...,
A good rule of thumb is to use wi...,
When multiple wires are secured t...
8  cards
Power Supplies and Diode Rectifiers
Power supplies are used to conver...,
What are the five sections of a,
Which section in the power supply...
11  cards
Full- and Half-Wave Rectifier Operation
The rectifier output is ______ th...,
This is a typical ______ rectifie...,
What are the functions of
13  cards
Bridge Rectifier Operation
What is the purpose of the rectif...,
In this bridge rectifier circuit,
If a positive voltage is at the j...
17  cards
Voltage Regulation
Voltage regulators are circuits u...,
What is a series voltage regulator,
In a series voltage regulator if ...
23  cards
Zener Diode
The zener diode acts like a close...,
What happens when the reverse bia...,
What is the schematic symbol for ...
11  cards
The purpose of a transistor is to...,
The word transistor is derived fr...,
Name the definitiona semiconducto...
57  cards
Common Emitter Amplifier
This is a common emitter amplifie...,
What is common about the emitter,
Would change in one circuit affec...
18  cards
Common Collector Amplifier
This is a common collector becaus...,
He amplifiers output is controlle...,
What are the two basic circuits o...
7  cards
Common Base Amplifier
This is a common base amplifier b...,
What are the two basic circuits o...,
Does change in one circuit affect...
4  cards
Multistage Transistor Amplifiers
The term cascade refers to what,
When several amplifiers are conne...,
The purpose of cascade amplifiers...
18  cards
RC Coupled Transistor Amplifier Operation
In a three stage rc coupled ampli...,
What components cause the gain of...,
In a three stage rc coupled ampli...
16  cards
Field Effect Transistor Amplifiers
In a fet when the negative vgg bi...,
What is the unit of measure for g...,
If a fet has a gm of 6 mmhos what...
11  cards
Introduction to Sine Wave Oscillators
When an oscillator is first turne...,
Oscillators using common emitter ...,
The frequency of an oscillator is...
10  cards
Hartley Oscillator Operation
This hartley oscillator feedback ...,
The purpose of a hartley oscillat...,
In this hartley oscillator the in...
10  cards
Astable Multivibrator Operation
The purpose of an astable multivi...,
When q2 turns on q1 is turned off...,
In this astable multivibrator wha...
10  cards
Digital Test Equipment
The clock circuit is designed to ...,
Adjusting the potentiometer chang...,
The square wave is sent to the fr...
12  cards
Introduction to Logic Functions, AND/OR Gates
The ______ is represented by the ...,
The function of an and gate is to...,
When all inputs to the and gate a...
11  cards
Digital Electronics Hardware
Integrated circuits are complete ...,
The integrated circuit is called ...,
What are the three common types o...
3  cards
The nor gate is represented by th...,
What is the difference between th...,
The not function causes the or ga...
23  cards
Buffers and Inverters
What symbols are these,
Buffers and inverters are digital...,
Buffers and inverters are digital...
9  cards
Combinational Logic/Universal LogicCircuits
Combinational logic is the combin...,
What function is available at pin...,
The or function is available at p...
11  cards
Number Systems
Which numbering system uses ten n...,
Which numbering systems is very c...,
Each column added to the binary c...
11  cards
Quiz 1 review questions
What system uses numbers 0 9 and ...,
What numbering system has a mathe...,
Each zero or one in a binary numb...
17  cards
Latches and Flip-Flops
Digital circuits can be classifie...,
The circuit below is nothing more...,
In a sequential circuit the feedb...
40  cards
Bus Systems
The basic bus system block diagra...,
A bus line is a conductor or cond...,
The data bus transmits and receiv...
54  cards
ARINC 429 Data Bus
The arinc 429 dits specifies the ...,
One avionics system element can t...,
The shields are grounded at both ...
9  cards
Midterm 1
Why are high frequency communicat...,
What is the advantage of autotune,
Why is ssb single sideband more e...
32  cards
555 Timer
The 555 timer is a circuit that p...,
Most 555 integrated circuits are ...,
The major components of the 555 t...
21  cards
Electronic Flight Instrument Systems
The electronic flight instrument ...,
The efis normally used for flight...,
The efis can be divided into thre...
79  cards
Aircraft Master Warning and Annunciator Systems
The purpose of the master warning...,
Each individual operational syste...,
When an operational system malfun...
24  cards
Aircraft Batteries
A battery is a device that conver...,
Two metals placed in a conductive...,
The cells in a battery can be con...
45  cards
Aircraft DC Generation Systems
Magnets produce a magnetic field,
Moving a conductor through the st...,
Moving a conductor through a magn...
17  cards
Aircraft AC Generation Systems
What is the purpose of a constant...,
Which component in the ac generat...,
Which function of the gcu protect...
14  cards
Basic Aircraft & Multi-Engine Power Distribution Systems
One of the most important systems...,
All power sources are connected t...,
These protective devices include ...
66  cards
Intro to aircraft navigation
The longitude line that runs thro...,
What is the proper sequence when ...,
If you were standing on the zero ...
17  cards
Aircraft Collision Avoidance and Detection Systems
When does tcas place a red square...,
How soon should a pilot respond t...,
What device produces a spontaneou...
10  cards
Introduction to Aircraft Systems Troubleshooting
Main aircraft batteries and gener...,
Which aircraft system assists the...,
Which navigational system is cons...
10  cards
What is eis,
The electronic instrument system ...,
The information presented on the ...
5  cards
EIS Quiz
Which display management computer...,
How would you interpret these ind...,
Which of the following actions wo...
14  cards
How much time is required for a f...,
How much time is required for a f...,
The ir alignment has counted down...
7  cards
FedEx Communications quiz
How can you get the attention of ...,
Your acp and rmip are set up as y...,
What is the difference between ma...
8  cards
Fedex Radar Quiz
Select the aircraft with the corr...,
Why would terrain be displayed on...,
Which color indicates turbulence
6  cards
FedEx TCAS Quiz
Why is the amber tcas reduce rang...,
Will following the flight directo...
2  cards
Final Exam
What are dangerous forms of winds...,
What is the frequency to do a vor...,
How often is vor tested
41  cards

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