aws solutions architect associate

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AWS-Tech Concepts
What is an aws availability zone,
What is cloud computing,
What is cloud formation
44  cards
Exam Pro Tips from A Cloud Guru
13  cards
S3 ProTips
27  cards
10  cards
What is ec2,
Ec2 options,
What are the 4 ec2 options
23  cards
What is ebs,
What can you do with them,
What is the ebs root volume
10  cards
Subnets and availability zones,
What is a security group,
Security groups are stateful
32  cards
RAID,Volumes & Snapshots
Raid 0,
Raid 1,
Raid 5
11  cards
Load Balancing
What is a load balancer,
Application load balancer,
Network load balancer
7  cards
What ec2 metrics are available in...,
8  cards
Service roles,
Cross account roles,
Identity provider role
8  cards
Elastic File System
3  cards
What is lambda,
Benefits of lambda,
How do you use lambda
10  cards
What is dns,
Why route 53,
Route policies on aws
9  cards
Application Services
What is sqs,
Sqs queues types,
Characteristics of the sqs standa...
23  cards
What is elasticcache,
What are the two types of elactic...,
Aws database types
25  cards
Well Architected FrameWork
Business benefits of the cloud,
Technical benefits of the cloud,
Design for failure
23  cards
You have a high performance compu...,
Placement groups can be created a...,
Which of the services below do yo...
93  cards
Iam consists of what three groups,
Iam the rule of one,
Ec2 capabilities
5  cards

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aws solutions architect associate

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