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Taxonomy, Structure, Physiology
What can bacteria be classified a...,
What is a frank pathogen,
What is an opportunistic pathogen
34  cards
Identification, Disinfection
When you see a bacterial result t...,
What does 4 mean,
What is macconkeys agar usually u...
62  cards
Genetics, Vaccines, Diagnostics
What is a tranformant,
What is a competent,
What is homologous recombination
52  cards
Antimicrobial Resistance
What are the three major purposes...,
What is contributing to antimicro...,
What is the main starting cause o...
86  cards
What kind of bacteria is seen in ...,
What are the 2 main culture media...,
What kind of bacteria is staphylo...
68  cards
Is streptococcus gram positive or...,
What is streptococcus arranged as...,
What kind of bacteria is seen in ...
80  cards
Enterococcus, Listeria, Erysipelothryx
Enterococcus used to be ________ ...,
What kind of bacteria is enteroco...,
What media types are used for gro...
131  cards
Bacillus Spp. / Neurogenic Clostridium Spp
What are the types of bacillus th...,
How are bacillus normally present...,
Is bacillus resistant
106  cards
Histiotoxic/ Enteropathogenic Clostridia
What do the endotoxins of histiot...,
How does histotoxic clostridia ca...,
What clostridium species histotox...
56  cards
Acinobacteria I
How do the bacterial colonies of ...,
What species of acinobacteria is ...,
What species of acinobacteria is ...
54  cards
Acinobacteria II
What is corynebacterium what is i...,
What are the colony characteristi...
39  cards
Enterobacteriaceae/ Salmonella
What are the 8 important enteroba...,
What are the characteristics of e...,
What of the 8 bacteria are lactos...
41  cards
Yersinia & Proteus
Which three species of yersinia a...,
Yersinia are gram ________,
Yersinia are ____ shaped
128  cards
E coli are gram _______ ____,
Are ecoli facultative or non facu...,
E coli are described as _______ f...
100  cards
Coliforms (CEEK)
Are coliforms lactose fermentors ...,
Coliforms are apart of ceek,
68  cards
Edwardsiella Aeromonas Plesiomonas Vibrio
Edwardsiella and plesiomonas shar...,
E tarda infects which species,
P shigelloides infects which species
116  cards
Pseudomonas & Burkholderia
What is seen here,
Pseudomonas aeruginosa are gram _...,
What can be seen in this image he...
91  cards
Bartonella, Chromobacterium, Riemerella, Ornithobacterium, Streptobacillus
Bartonella aerobic fastidious gra...,
Bartonella aerobic fastidious gra...,
Bartonella aerobic fastidious gra...
126  cards
Haemophilus, Actinobacillus, Pasteurella
Haemophilus characteristics gram ...,
Haemophilus spp and their host av...,
54  cards

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