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Lecture 1 - Taxonomy, Structure, Physiology
Bacteria can be classified as,
D n v r,
This system of classification bas...
45  cards
Lecture 2 - Identification, Disinfection
What are the two basic types of b...,
What is an example of differentia...,
What is an example of selective m...
60  cards
Lecture 3 - Genetics, Vaccines, etc.
A transformant is a cell that has...,
A competent bacteria is bacteria ...,
Homologous recombination is _____...
57  cards
Week 2 - Antimicrobial Resistance
What are the three major purposes...,
What can the use the antimicrobia...,
Understanding the routes of amr b...
76  cards
Week 2 - Staphylococcus
Staphylococcus is a gram ______ c...,
Staphylococcus is a _________ ana...
112  cards
Week 2 - Streptococcus
Streptococcus is a gram _____ coc...,
Streptococcus is a facultative an...,
Streptococcus is ________ and ___...
80  cards
Week 3 - Enterococcus, Listeria, Erysipelothryx
Enterococcus used to be ________ ...,
Enterococcus is gram _______,
Enterococcus occurs in _____ or _...
147  cards
Week 3 - Bacillus
Bacillusbacillus anthracisbacillu...,
Bacillus is,
Large gram positive endosopores p...
118  cards
Week 3 - Enteropathogenic Clostridia
Clostridia exotoxins induce,
Clostridia is present in tissue a...,
Clostridia endospores are widely ...
80  cards
Actinobacteria I
Actinomyces actinobaculumaracnoba...,
Bacteria colony shows ________ fo...,
Nocardia actinomyces dermatophilu...
101  cards
Actinobacteria II
Corynebacterium are _____ ______ ...,
Corynebacteriumnormalyl infect le...,
Pathogenic corynebacterium are ho...
84  cards
Enterobacteriaceae & Salmonella
All enterobacteriaceae are,
Enterobacteriaceae hide their cel...,
Enterobacteriaceae has 68 genera ...
101  cards
Yersinia & Proteus
Which three species of yersinia a...,
Yersinia are gram ________,
Yersinia are ____ shaped
128  cards
E. coli
E coli are gram _______ ____,
Are ecoli facultative or non facu...,
E coli are described as _______ f...
100  cards
Are coliforms lactose fermentors ...,
Coliforms are apart of ceek,
68  cards
Edwardsiella Aeromonas Plesiomonas Vibrio
Edwardsiella and plesiomonas shar...,
E tarda infects which species,
P shigelloides infects which species
116  cards
Pseudomonas & Burkholderia
Pseudomonas aeruginosa are gram _...,
What can be seen in this image he...
91  cards
Bartonella, Chromobacterium, Riemerella, Ornithobacterium, Streptobacillus
Bartonella aerobic fastidious gra...,
Bartonella aerobic fastidious gra...,
Bartonella aerobic fastidious gra...
126  cards
Haemophilus, Actinobacillus, Pasteurella
Haemophilus characteristics gram ...,
Haemophilus spp and their host av...,
Other species of less importance ...
55  cards
Actinobacillus small gram negativ...,
Colonies may be sticky some speci...
64  cards
Pasteurella & Mannheimia
1 what disease do you suspect a f...,
What is the most likely agent cau...,
Distinguishing characteristics gr...
83  cards
He reported having adopted a new ...,
Bordetella spp not members of the...,
Bordetella bronchiseptica gram ne...
41  cards
This disease is commonly called a...,
Moraxella bovis appear as gram ne...
44  cards
This disease may be caused by bru...,
Brucella morphology coccobacillus...
58  cards
Bacteroides, Prevotella, Porphyromonas
Non spore forming gram negative a...,
Bacteria that form spores under u...,
Oxygen is toxic to obligate anaer...
45  cards
Fusobacterium obligate anaerobic ...,
69  cards
Is this problem likely to be due ...,
Campylobacter phenotypic characte...
62  cards
Chlamydiales, Rickettsiales, Mycoplasma
List the following bacterium in s...,
Chlamydiales rickettsiales mycopl...,
Chlamydiales rickettsiales mycopl...
138  cards
Coxiella burnetii
Coxiella q fever 1 the name q fev...,
1 the q in q fever stands for ___...,
Coxiella burnetii is recorded as ...
43  cards
Nickname of mycoplasma,
Morphology of mycoplasma pleomorp...,
1 what bacterium is pictured here...
77  cards
Exam 3 Virulence Factors - Inzana Sheet
List the virulence factors for pa...,
List the virulence factors for ma...,
List the virulence factors for fu...
12  cards
Spirochetales includes ________ g...,
2 borrelia ticks intermediary hos...
65  cards
Genus leptospira long spiral gram...
35  cards
Mycology Introduction
How many species of fungi exist h...,
How many species of fungi are con...,
Are fungi eukaryotic or non eukar...
59  cards
Under a microscope you see hyphal...,
Under a microscope you see single...,
List the representative yeasts
67  cards
Dermatophytes they are molds that...,
Infections caused by dermatophyte...,
Other yeast and saprophytic fungi...
54  cards
Subcutaneous Mycoses
Subcutaneous mycoses dimorphic fu...,
Sporothrix schenckii which is the...,
Histoplasma capsulatum var farcim...
70  cards
Systemic Mycoses
Systemic mycoses dimorphic that i...,
4 grow as molds in their inanimat...,
In tissue coccidioides produces _...
131  cards
Practical Applications in Veterinary Microbiology
Collection of specimens tissue bl...,
All tissues organs pus must be ma...,
When feces is refrigerated the __...
45  cards
Virulence Factors Definitions
1 cell wall useful for bacterial ...,
2 protein a bind fc of igg protec...,
3 binding or clamping factors att...
37  cards

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