bar exam

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What is the definition of relevance,
What is the threshold inquiry for...,
All relevant evidence is admissib...
158  cards
Criminal Procedure
162  cards
Criminal Law
136  cards
Real Property
This too shall pass, so will we.
327  cards
What is a contract,
Sales of goods are governed by __...,
What is a sale for purposes of th...
453  cards
Are a plaintiffs super sensitivit...,
Can a defendant lack the capacity...,
A person intends the consequence ...
281  cards
Civil Procedure
Personal jurisdiction is about th...,
When determining if a court has p...,
What is the constitutional analys...
322  cards
Constitutional Law
What article of the constitution ...,
Federal judicial power extends to...,
What part of the constitution all...
217  cards
Who owns a corporation,
Who manages a corporation,
Who elects the board of directors
300  cards
Agency, Partnership, & LLCs
What is an agency,
Who must have contractual capacit...,
What capacity must an agent have
102  cards
When may property pass through in...,
In most states if the decedent le...,
In states adopting the uniform pr...
238  cards
What is a trust,
What is the creator of a trust ca...,
What is required of the settelor ...
247  cards
Secured Transactions
Secured transactions involve ____...,
To ensure payment of a debt a sec...,
For the security interest to be e...
131  cards
Conflict of Laws
What are the three steps to a ful...,
What are the full faith and credi...,
Whose law applies in determining ...
84  cards

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