basic physician's training clinical exam monash

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Neurology Short Case
Causes of horners syndrome 6,
Causes of anosmia bilateral 7,
Causes of anosmia unilateral 2
114  cards
Rheumatology Long Case
Sle history,
Ankylosing spondylitis history,
Ankylosing spondylitis examination
15  cards
Cardiology Short Case
Causes of dominant a wave jvp 3,
Cause of dominant v wave jvp 1,
Causes of cannon a waves jvp 3
88  cards
Cardiology Long Case
Ischaemic heart disease history,
Ischaemic heart disease management,
Infective endocarditis history
10  cards
Respiratory Long Case
Bronchiectasis history,
Cystic fibrosis,
Copd history
13  cards
High Yield
How would you approach babaks chr...,
What are some potential causes of...,
How would you reduce babaks risk ...
31  cards
Gastroenterology Long Case
Peptic ulcer,
9  cards
Infectious Diseases Long Case
Fever of unknown origin causes
2  cards
Haematology Long Case
Haemolytic anaemia history,
Splenectomy advice,
Haemolytic anaemia examination
20  cards
Renal Long Case
Ckd examination,
8  cards
Neurology Long Case
Multiple sclerosis,
Myasthenia gravis,
Myasthenia gravis examination
10  cards
Endocrine Long Case
Pagets disease
5  cards
Respiratory Long Case 2
Mainfestations of cf,
Management of cf respiratory,
Infertility in cf management
6  cards
Gastroenterology Long Case 2
Extraintestinal manifestations of...,
How would you manage babaks ibd,
Extrahepatic manifestations of hep c
6  cards
Rheumatology Long Case 2
Manifestations of sle
1  cards
Cardiology Long Case 2
How would you manage babaks cv risk,
What are some potential causes of...,
How would you manage this patient...
3  cards
Neurology Long Case 2
How would you manage babaks multi...
1  cards
Renal long case 2
Dialysis history points,
What are some causes of deteriora...
2  cards
Rheumatology Short Case
Back exam,
2  cards
Respiratory Short Case
Causes of tracheal displacement,
Signs of consolidation,
Signs of atelectasis
6  cards
Abdomen Short Case
Distinguishing caput medusae vs i...,
Description features of intra abd...,
Causes of hepatomegaly massive mo...
11  cards
High Yield Neurology Shorts
Causes of foot drop 8,
Causes of myopathy 10,
Causes of unilateral cerebellar d...
9  cards

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basic physician's training clinical exam monash

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