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Orofacial fungal infections
Chronic use of broad spectrum ant...,
What can a patient consume to hel...,
What is the mechanism of action f...
37  cards
Viral infections involving the mouth
What does the vzv affect to induc...,
Explain the link between upper mo...,
Where does the vzv stay dormant f...
23  cards
Pigmentary Changes involving the Oral Cavity
What is this an example of,
Describe the shape of an oral mel...,
What is this an example of
30  cards
Causes of Generalised Oral Pigmentation
Patient with peutz jeghers have a...,
What is this an example of,
Paan betel nut chewing is associa...
16  cards
Blistering Disorders
What is the aetiology of mucous m...,
What type of disease is erythema ...,
Define bulla
44  cards
Oral Ulcerative Diseases
What is behcet s disease what is ...,
How do you manage ulcers,
List characteristics of herpetifo...
32  cards
Dry Mouth and Salivary Gland Disease
What are important functions of t...,
Benign nonepithelial tumours are ...,
What are potenial aeteologies of ...
41  cards
Influence of Diet & Gastro-intestinal Disease on the Oral Mucosa
What is the normal epethelial tur...,
In terms of blood levels what may...,
What may a patient complain of or...
27  cards
Lichen Planus and Lichenoid Reactions
How can lp affect the nails,
Which of the 6 lp variants is a l...,
What variant of oral lp is this
37  cards
Early detection of cancer
What are some concerning clinical...,
What is toluidine blue staining,
Describe how the site of a leukop...
10  cards
Oral Manifestations of STIs
What occurs during stage 3 hiv,
What is congential syphillis and ...,
How long after infection does ter...
31  cards
Facial Rashes
What is chloasma what areas are m...,
What are some common complication...,
How is chloasma managed
32  cards
Medical Emergencies
Symptoms of a patient experiencin...,
Give 3 drugs that can be used to ...,
What is the medication administer...
18  cards
Facial pain
What are the risk factors of pers...,
What would a typical socrates loo...,
What are the 3 biopsychosocial fa...
62  cards
Lupus erythematosus & Chronic Graft-Versus-Host-Disease
What variants of lp lesions can,
What are the clinical features of,
Describe the skin lesions kf
11  cards

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