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Paeds Moisture Control and Fl- Varnish
What is the golden standard for m...,
Why is dental dam generally not u...,
If you were to use dental dam on ...
14  cards
Appliance Design (Labs)
What are the main components of s...,
What are the properties of stainl...,
What are the advantages of study ...
59  cards
Smoking Cessation
What are the 3a s,
What histories should we be takin...,
What questions would we be asking...
24  cards
What is consent,
What standard of the gdc refers t...,
What is standard 3 of the gdc
14  cards
Handpiece Safety
What is the rpm for slo,
Why must it be a type b sterilise...,
What temperature are they sterili...
12  cards
What is the sequence,
What is the sequence for donning ...,
When is an 11r mask
12  cards
Extra-oral/intra-oral exam
Extra oral examination,
How do we test the tmj,
What are the muscles of mastication
4  cards
Medical History
What are the components of a full...,
What do we ask when noting the co...,
What is the history of presenting...
20  cards
SCD - haematology
What should you ask for if a px i...,
What does inr stand for,
What does inr test
47  cards
Treatment planning
What are the 4 stages to a treatm...,
What is immediate treatment,
What is initial treatment
6  cards
Caries Risk Assessment (paediatrics)
What are the 7 main risk factors ...,
What clinical evidence would help...,
What do we look at specifically w...
13  cards
Paediatric tooth morphology
What are distinguishing,
How can we distinguish between an...,
How can we distinguish
16  cards
Tooth Eruption
What erupts first in primary teet...,
What is the sequence of eruption ...,
When do the as erupt
28  cards
What are the different concentrat...,
What is the concentration of fluo...,
What is the concentration of fluo...
45  cards
Prosthodontic transfer lines
What are the main transfer lines,
What does the centre line indicate,
What does the mid canine line ind...
10  cards
Local Anaesthetic
How do we prepare the syringe for...,
What length is a yellow needle,
What length is a blue needle
69  cards
Oral Surgery Forceps
What are upper straights used for,
What movements do we use for extr...,
What are upper universals used for
20  cards
Post-operative instructions for extraction
What is a mnemonic that can be us...,
What does pad abc stand for,
What should we tell the patient r...
46  cards
Peri-operative risks for extraction
What are the famous 5 main risks ...,
What are other risks for most ext...,
What will increase the risk of a ...
6  cards
Periodontal instrumentation
What is mini sickle used for,
What colour is mini sickle,
How can you distinguish mini sick...
32  cards
Sjogrens Syndrome
What is sjogrens syndrome,
How does sjogren syndrome present,
What is primary sjogrens
12  cards
What is anaemia,
What are the 3 general causes of ...,
Why may there be reduced production
22  cards
What is acromegaly caused by,
Where is growth hormone produced,
How does acromegaly present
4  cards
Emergency Medicine
What will you find in a dental em...,
What does the adrenaline come as,
What does the aspirin come as
49  cards
Respiratory conditions - asthma & COPD
What are the 3 main things that m...,
What are symptoms of asthma
24  cards
Cardiovascular conditions - angina & MI
What is angina pectoris,
What are the two types of angina,
What is unstable angina
14  cards
What are the changes with bls for...,
What is the sequence for dealing ...,
What is the process for checking ...
24  cards
DMS - stress/strain
What occurs in the region surroun...,
What does the linear region of th...,
What is meant by elastic deformation
37  cards
Perio Summary
What probe is used for bpe and wh...,
What does each bpe score mean,
What is the treatment for each bp...
65  cards
What are the two types of diabetes,
What is type 1 diabetes,
What is type 2 diabetes
16  cards
Pros: Factors in Designing a Complete Denture
What is the definition of support,
What areas of the maxilla provide...,
What areas of the mandible provid...
70  cards
Dental instruments
What is the use of dental mirrors,
What is the use of dental proves,
How does a no6 probe look
17  cards
Endodontics - diagnosis
What are the 7 pulp diagnoses,
Describe what would be expected f...,
What should you always remember t...
38  cards
Endodontics - protaper
What is the protaper filing system,
What are protaper hand files made of,
What is advantageous about the us...
22  cards
Endodontics - materials
What irrigants are used in gdh,
What is the brand name for the so...,
What concentration is the sodium ...
48  cards
DMS summary - restorative materials
What is etchant also known as,
What is in etchant,
What are the functions of etchant
41  cards
DMS summary - liners & bases
What is a liner,
What are the functions of a liner,
What is a base
65  cards
DMS summary - alloys
What are the two forms of stainle...,
How is hard stainless steal made,
What is the bauschinger effect re...
16  cards
DMS summary - pros
What types of pmma are there,
What is the difference between he...,
What is in the heat cure powder
23  cards
DMS summary - impression materials
What type of impression material ...,
What is the reversible hydrocollo...,
What is the composition of alginate
18  cards
DMS summary - temporary materials
What are properties of ideal prov...,
What are the two types of tempora...,
What are types of preformed metal...
10  cards
DMS summary - luting agents
What are dental cements used for ...,
What makes gic used for luting di...,
What is a disadvantage of gic as ...
14  cards
DMS summary - investment materials
What are the types of investment ...,
What is dental stone plaster used...,
What are gypsum bonded materials ...
15  cards
DMS summary - ceramics
What is the composition of dental...,
What makes dental ceramic differe...,
What are useful properties of den...
5  cards
Operative techniques
What are the principles of cavity...,
What are indications for crowns,
What are principles of crown prep...
56  cards
Radiograph set-up and legislation
What is each couloured ring holde...,
How do you position the phosphor ...,
What way does the receptor holder...
24  cards
What are the key communication po...,
What are the 6 elements of commun...,
Describe the structure for effect...
14  cards
Alcohol advice
How is alcohol metabolised,
What is the effect of alcohol int...,
What is the safe limit of alcohol
38  cards
Domestic Abuse
What is domestic abuse defined as,
Where does domestic abuse take place,
What is gender based violence
23  cards
SCD - liver
What can causes of liver disease ...,
What are infections that cause li...,
What are non infective causes of ...
10  cards
SCD - dementia
What is dementia,
What does dementia effect,
How is dementia diagnosed and mea...
11  cards
SCD - cancer
How can we help patients avoid muc,
What can be used to prevent mucos...,
How can mucositis be treated
11  cards
SCD - laws
Adults with incapacity,
What are the principles of adults...,
What is the criteria a person mus...
21  cards
Oral hygiene instruction
Summarise ohi,
How long should px brush for,
What is the technique called that...
14  cards
Clinical waste
What is clinical waste,
What is amalgam waste,
What do amalgam waste containers ...
11  cards
Paeds - trauma
What are trauma stamps used for,
What do you put at the top of a t...,
What does a trauma stamp cover
36  cards
Pros: partial dentures
You have taken primary impression...,
You have taken,
You have done the framework trial...
60  cards
Pros - impressions
What can impression materials be ...,
What are the features of elastic ...,
What are non elastic rigid materi...
15  cards
Pros - jaw reg
What is step 1 of jaw reg,
Describe how you would adjust the...,
What is step 2 of the jaw reg
18  cards
Pros - denture advice
What advice do we give to the pat...,
How may the dentures feel strange,
How should patient clean their de...
9  cards
Oral candida
What is the management of oral ca...,
Why should a patient clean their ...,
What should be given if first lin...
11  cards
Interpreting bloods
What important info will a fbc gi...,
What does raised wbc indicate,
What does lowered wbc indicate
63  cards
Patient safety
What is the spaulding classificat...,
What is the definition of critical,
What is the defition of semi crit...
17  cards
Anatomy Summary
What are bones of the vault of th...,
How do bones of the vault of the ...,
What are bones of the norma later...
91  cards
DMS Ideal Properties
Ideal properties of a restorative...,
Ideal properties for a liner base,
Ideal properties for a denture base
11  cards

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