bds3 past paper by topic (05-19)

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Diabetes Mellitus
What is diabetes mellitus,
What two mechanisms is diabetes m...,
What are the clinical manifestati...
29  cards
List three risk factors for hyper...,
How do we measure routinely the b...,
Write down at least two harmful c...
10  cards
Bleeding disorder
List three acquired hemorrhagic d...,
List three methods to control epi...,
How does manual haemostasis contr...
20  cards
Heart disease and infective endocarditis
What is myocardial infarction how...,
What are the investigations to ta...,
What are the risk factors for mi 3
25  cards
What are the mechanisms for effec...,
How does smoking cause more bone ...,
How does smoking cause more conne...
14  cards
The patient feels unhappy and no ...,
What is the implication of the me...,
How does drug interactions affect...
3  cards
CNS pathology
Case 75 years old man sudden onse...,
Case 75 years old man sudden onse...,
Case 75 years old man sudden onse...
7  cards
Hyper/ hypothyroidism
35 years old female anterior neck...,
35 years old female anterior neck...,
35 years old female anterior neck...
13  cards
Other medical problems
After la edema of eyes lips cheek...,
List the different types of shock,
Explain the causes of cardiogenic...
15  cards
Oral cancer, tumour and cysts
List three common cysts of the up...,
List 4 etiological factors for or...,
List 4 benign swelling on the mid...
16  cards
TMJ disorder
Outline the sequence of clinical ...,
List the muscles that need to pal...,
List the alternative managements ...
21  cards
Wound healing
Briefly describe the physiology o...,
What are the medical causes for p...,
State two investigations that can...
24  cards
Essay detailed steps of performin...,
You decided to do an access cavit...,
Pre operative radiographs are ver...
40  cards
Luting cements
What are the ideal properties of ...,
What is the chemical bonding foun...,
What is the cement will you use t...
29  cards
What is torus palatine 15,
What is the prosthetic significan...,
What is the management of torus p...
43  cards
Impression materials
5 necessary requirements of impre...,
4 advantages of using alginate to...,
4 disadvantages of using alginate...
22  cards
Enamel/dentine defects
What is enamel hypoplasia what is...,
Difference between enamel hypopla...,
List four etiological causes of e...
12  cards
Tooth eruption/development
How old cease growth ofi intercan...,
How old cease growth ofii arch wi...,
4 factors leading to median diastema
20  cards
What is hot air and how does it r...
1  cards
What is penicillin its spectrum a...,
What is the spectrum of penicillin,
What is penicillins mode of actio...
19  cards
Dental materials science
State reaction of heat cured acry...,
Disadvantages of cold cure acryli...,
Why is there setting expansion of...
49  cards
Which type of radiographs are nec...,
A list two plain non panoramic vi...,
Radiographic errors cone cut how ...
22  cards
Briefly outline the treatment pla...,
What is the differential diagnosi...,
Name the authority in hong kong t...
31  cards
Describe the clinical photos 4,
4 causes of the ulcer 2,
Differential diagnosis of ulcers
9  cards

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