bds3 removable prosthodontics

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1 - Reasons for rendering a patient edentulous
What is a complete denture,
21  cards
2a - Treatment planning for complete dentures
What history is required to make ...,
What could be in involved in pati...,
What could be in involved in dent...
31  cards
2b - Impressions for complete dentures
Define the aim of primary impress...,
What are primary impressions used...,
Describe the properties of a stoc...
22  cards
3 - Replica dentures
What are the stages of denture co...,
What are the advantages of replic...,
Which arch are replica dentures m...
17  cards
4b - Occlusion for conventional dentures
What are the different types of r...,
What are the properties of a wax ...,
What are the properties of a shel...
23  cards
4c - Conventional complete denture clinical laboratory interface
What is the 1st stage clinically,
What is the 1st stage in the lab,
What is the 2nd stage clinically
12  cards
5 - Retention and stability of complete dentures
Define retention,
Define stability,
Deafen adhesion
13  cards
6 - Tooth selection for complete dentures
What stage does tooth selection o...,
What affects anterior tooth selec...,
What affects posterior tooth sele...
16  cards
7 - Denture try in
What should you check before inse...,
What should you check when you pu...,
How should you assess the try ins
25  cards
7a - Denture insertion and review
How should you assess the denture...,
What may cause paint the insertio...,
What problems may present at inse...
10  cards
8 - Denture maintenance
List common reasons for poor dent...,
What are examples of debris that ...,
Define the pellicle layer
24  cards
9 - Immediate dentures
Define an immediate denture,
What are the advantages of immedi...,
What are the disadvantages of imm...
8  cards
Setting teeth
What is an occlusal plane guide,
How should the mould of the teeth...,
How do you ensure that the incisa...
24  cards

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bds3 removable prosthodontics

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