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2011 Mock MCQ
On undertaking a cpitn exam with ...,
One large glass 250ml of white wi...,
Which should be used to correct a...
30  cards
How much fluoride would provide a...,
Which methods f delivery does the...,
Which of the following is not sui...
12  cards
pros MCQ
Boxing in refers to,
An arcon articulator may be inidi...,
Where should post dam be cut for ...
8  cards
ortho MCQs
Anchorage may be reinforced bya u...,
Fixed appliances are efficient at...,
Functional appliances are mainly ...
24  cards
21 april mock MCQ
How do you reduce trauma to the p...,
Following restoration of a single...,
Which nerevs are anaesthetised fo...
25  cards
MSA 2016
4 factors that can cause candidsis,
Physiological factors for oral ca...,
Trauma factors for candidosis
95  cards
MSA 2015
Non setting calcium hydroxide why...,
3 reasons for obturating,
Components of gp other than rubber 3
89  cards
MSA 2014
99  cards
MSA 2012
3 materials used for crowns,
4 types of post,
Name given to residual collar of ...
93  cards
Tx periapical abscess,
Periodontal abscess tx,
Lost crown bridge tx
44  cards
occlusion quiz
Facebow registration,
Function of facebow,
Through careful design of occlusa...
22  cards
What age is this patient,
Which other permanent teeth shoul...,
What is the name given to the spa...
104  cards
Mock 2#
Periodontal abscess,
Periapical abscess,
Occlusal trauma
171  cards
3 roles of epidemiology,
729  cards

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