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What are the 4 types of tissue fo...,
All epithelia are arranged as con...,
How can the structure of epitheli...
39  cards
SDCEP Management of Acute Dental Problems
Most patients with an acute denta...,
A patient presents to you with pa...,
What does sdcep mean by emergency...
38  cards
SDCEP Antibiotic Prophylaxis Against Infective Endocarditis
When was the sdcep guidance antib...,
What patients are at increased ri...,
What are some examples of invasiv...
7  cards
SDCEP Drug Prescribing for Dentistry
What are the key signs of anaphyl...,
What are some symptoms of anaphyl...,
A patient in your dental practise...
32  cards
GDC Standards for the Dental Team
What are the nine key gp,
Who does standards for the dental...,
In reference to gdc principle 1 p...
16  cards
NICE Dental Checks: Intervals between oral health reviews
How should interval times be deci...,
What is the shortest interval tim...,
What is the longest interval betw...
5  cards
International Association of Dental Traumatology: Dental Trauma Guide
What are the different luxation i...,
What hard tissue fracture injurie...,
When should you follow up with a ...
46  cards
SDCEP Management of Dental Patients Taking Anticoagulant or Antiplatelet Drugs
Give examples of dental procedure...,
What are examples of dental proce...,
What are examples of dental proce...
25  cards
SDCEP Management of Patients at Risk of Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw
What is mronj,
What are some signs symptoms of m...,
What cancers should be warning si...
18  cards
Oral Medicine in Primary Care [oral med SCR overview]
Patients complaining of oral ulce...,
What types of ulceration are more...,
A patient gives you a history of ...
157  cards
Orthodontics Treatment Guide
Where might a newly qualified gdp...,
What should be included in a orth...,
How is the extra size of the perm...
48  cards
Introduction to Orthodontics [book]
1  cards
NICE Head & Neck Cancer - recognition and referral
How does laryngeal cancer typical...,
How is laryngeal cancer diagnosed,
What is the prevalence of oral ca...
14  cards
Caries Symposium
What factors must be present for ...,
What carbohydrate sugar is the wo...,
What are the 7 elements of caries...
42  cards
Dental Material Science Overview
What are the desired properties o...,
Describe how the acid etch techni...,
What does the stress strain ratio...
145  cards
BDS4 Past Papers
Name the three components of an r...,
The rpi system is designed to all...,
State two reasons for choosing to...
152  cards
Oral Biology
What cells form enamel,
What cells form dentine,
How does dentine differ from enamel
28  cards
Diseases of Human Systems
What is the difference between pr...,
Where is the pituitary gland located,
What can occur if there is abnorm...
123  cards
What is meant by the term saddle ...,
What is a kennedy class i,
What is a kennedy class ii
66  cards
LA Symposium
How do local anaesthetics work,
Describe the structure of a nerve...,
Describe the structure of c nerve...
23  cards
Fundamentals of Chairside Assistance
What position should dentist and ...,
Describe optimal operator positio...,
Describe optimal nurses positioni...
19  cards
SDCEP Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Diseases in Primary Care
Give a brief description of gingi...,
Give a brief description of chron...,
Give a brief description of aggre...
28  cards
BSP 2017 Periodontal Classification Guideline
Describe the findings of a patien...,
Describe the findings of a patien...,
Describe the findings of a patien...
24  cards
Basic Anatomy Overview
What are the functions of the skull,
What is special about pneumatised...,
What is the difference between th...
9  cards
Special Care Overview
What is the definition of an impa...,
What is the definition of disability,
What is the definition of a handicap
63  cards
Mock Case Presentation
A patient comes into practise com...,
Tooth 17 was recently replaced wi...,
What is depression how can it aff...
53  cards
Safeguarding Children
What is child protection,
What measures are taken to minimi...,
What are the 3 elements of child ...
26  cards
Paediatric Periodontitis
What are the 2017 world workshop ...,
What pneumonic can be used to rem...,
What is periodontal health
31  cards
Fixed Prosthodontics Overview
What are indirect restorations,
What are the clinical stages of i...,
What is an inlay
14  cards
Advanced Operative Techniques
0  cards
Occlusion Overview
What is the definition of a stabl...,
What is the definition of intercu...,
What is the definition of edge ed...
20  cards
Complaints Handling
Why do patients complain,
What are examples of service fail...,
What is a complaint
24  cards
Oral Surgery & Histopathology
80  cards
PMHP Overview
What is cpd,
Give 3 suggested cpd topics,
What are the 7 components of clin...
40  cards
SDCEP Prevention and Management of Dental Caries in Children
Paeds SCR
53  cards
RCS: A Guideline for the Extraction of First Permanent Molars in Children
What does the first permanent mol...,
What may occur from unilateral fi...
2  cards
What are ace inhibitors,
What is amoxycillin,
What are antacids
36  cards
Interceptive Orthodontics
What does the dentition of a chil...,
What is the eruption order of dec...,
What is the most common site for ...
56  cards
What is hypertension,
What are some known risk factors ...,
How is hypertension graded
10  cards

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